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The Quantum Key.Physics Of Abundance

Jul 4th 2010 at 12:39 AM

Greetings my friends :)

I have always been fascinated by Quantum Physics and wondered about the seamless connection

of how the Universe is built and how we can finally understand our seamless connection to it.

And then The Quantum Key came into my life… As a firm believer in the Law of Attraction I honestly believe I attracted it so that these questions of mine could be answered.Therefore,it is with great pleasure that I can share this article with all of you today.

Can you really get more out of something
than you put into it without violating the
laws of physics?

- by Aaron Murakami

For ages, the notion of getting more out
of a system than it input by the operator
has always been ridiculed as being an
idea fit for the perpetual motion nuts.

But, what if there is one specific
distinction that once known, allows one
to easily see what needs to be applied
in order to tap into the Holy Grail of

The taboo physics that explain all of
this are finally available in simple
English that just about anyone can
understand! And in case you’re wondering,
no, this has nothing to do with perpetual

The mind power, law of attraction and
abundance world is full of ‘gurus’
telling you how to manifest anything you
want in life and a bunch of other related
promises. It is usually filled with
new age jargon and explaining that the
Universe will supply what you need because
of this and that are simply not good enough.

If they understood the principles that
nature really operate by, wouldn’t they be
able to give you straight answers on
specific principles based on real science
and not rhetoric and fluffy woo woo?

Wouldn’t they be able to apply this knowledge
to a machine to show how a machine can also
be built according to these principles to give
more output than what you have to put in?
They should be able to do this if they understand
the real natural principles involved but they
aren’t showing any of this.

If there were a simple, straightforward way of
finding out, wouldn’t that be worth a few minutes
of your time?

Thousands of people have already found out.
Now you can too.

I highly recommend reading The Quantum Key


Aaron’s book, The Quantum Key – The
Simple Guide to the Quantum World -
Unlock Your Infinite Abundance
has many

distinctions and as Aaron says,

“Our blind spots must be illuminated
by the light of distinctions. This is
the way to empowerment.”


Aaron Murakami has been educating thousands
of people over the years in various advanced
scientific concepts in physics and consciousness.

To an Empowering day my friends,

Georgina Kordosis :)


All my attempts to adapt the theoretical foundation of physics to this new type of knowledge (Quantum Theory) failed completely. It was as if the ground had been pulled out from under one, with no firm foundation to be seen anywhere, upon which one could have built.
(P. A Schlipp, Albert Einstein: Philosopher – Scientist, On Quantum Theory, 1949)

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