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3 years ago

The Life & Times Of Mr. Cary Allen Martin

Dec 15th 2014 at 1:23 AM

The Life & Times of Mr. Cary Allen Martin

Thank You for visiting my site. Let’s see I will basically introduce myself to you as a humble, sometimes dry and funny a little humorous, loving and kind, Trusting and Giving Personality the rest is a summary of my life in a Nuts Shell. I was born in Greenville Texas USA Raised in California, Lived in New Mexico, Utah, Came from a family of (10) 5 brothers Five Sisters Same parents of all Ten I am number five.

My Younger Years!

The younger years of my life begin at 8 years old as to what I can remember Parents owned 40 acres in Elk Grove California they raised sheep about 200 head, Quarter Horses, Russian Wolf Hounds, Dad had a Cessna air plane, speed boat, I guess they were considered well off.

The hell I lived thru says another story of what well off means. I only recall being abused going days without food sleeping on the ground after being tired of standing in the sun all day hoeing weeds and being yelled at if I was to finish the area assigned to me to clear the weeds and the tinniest of weeds that I could not see but my parents eye sight must have been blessed by superman anyway I did the best I could but still no food at the end of the day instead wake up to being called to go in the house and go to the bathroom and strip down await my belt beating from my never satisfying mother where she would use the full length of the 2” wide real leather belt and hit me anywhere but on the ass.

There were times I really deserved to get a beating like the time I was in the front part of the field watching the sheep graze to make sure they did not jump over the fence line into the next neighbors alfalfa field if they ever got a chance it would be their life cause they will eat alfalfa until they bloat and die well it was early morning and it was cold so I had with me a box of matches and decided to make a small fire of dried grass well it turned into a massive infernal the sheep running to the rear of the 40 acres I ran to the house and told my parents what had happened and the fire trucks came and the fire was put out and luckily no sheep were burned. As the fire trucks departed our property the firemen on the back of the truck saying to me “Hope you get a beating for being a firebug” I was for sure would not escape their prophecy I just stood there and waiting for the outcome and crying as if it would lessen the pain I would soon feel on my body.

The Claw Foot Tub

The bathroom had one of those claw foot tubs and if only it was high off the floor I could make an escape from the never ending blows of her wielding belt, my only rescue would come from the voice of my father Saying “don’t you think he has had enough?” Sometime to hear my father’s words once would cut short my never ending beating sometimes it took 3 times. This did not only happen to me but also to my older brothers and sisters that lived at home at the time the two oldest at the time had already ran away and found freedom by another means.

Eat What I Could Find

After the beating back out the start hoeing a new area. At times I was so hungry I stole dog food from the well fed dogs in their chain linked kennels by reaching under the gate and concrete floor shoving as much or as little as I could in the time allotted to me without being spotted by my mother of which she was always looking the kitchen window if I was able to pull off getting a few of those kibbles in my pocket the next challenge was to eat some of it without getting caught. For if she saw me chewing something I would say most of the time I was back in the bathroom seeking for freedom under the claw foot tub.

Some Plants Are Good To Eat

Sometimes I could find a weed plant that had small bulbs and I would pick them and eat them just to have something in my stomach on a good day if I could find dill weed and pick it and eat it but that was rare. On the hot days of summer and watching the sheep I would be so thirsty so I would go over the neighbors fence where there was pooling water in the field that is where the neighbors cows drank from so it must be good enough for me to drink in the same manner and so I did as they did and to this day wonder why I did not get sick or die from the dirty water that had cow urine and maybe even cow shit particles in it so as I say one has to do what one has to do when it comes to survival.

Grade School Life

At eight years old I was attending 1st grade but I don’t think my parents thought school was important and it was a waste of time, my time would be better spent at home on the ranch watching sheep or hoeing weeds or pulling weeds from the garden or some other needful job.

The Darkened Bedroom Prison

At times it seemed like weeks myself and three older brothers and sisters were lock in a one bedroom with no light and the window boarded up from the outside it only had one steel bunk bed and room smelled so bad cause we had no place to go to the toilet but only to find a piece of paper and shit on it and punch a hole in the sheet rock wall and put it in the wall and for going pee we just used the boarded up window for that. Not sure how my sisters did it. I remember laying on the floor at the door to see light and to get fresh air and wait to hear the sound of my parents come home hoping they would have lots of groceries but that was what one would call dreaming. The one closet in the bedroom was also used as a toilet when the holes we had made in the walls was too much to try to cover up as damage done during our fighting each other is what we use as an excuse why the wall were damaged.

School Lunch Time in the Morning

As for School! My time in school seemed brief I do remember going to school with only a boiled potato for my lunch and trying to trade it for a sandwich never any takers. I mostly ended up switching my lunch bag with someone else’s in a covert way and eating it in the boy’s room before class started. The school officials were keen and I was caught in my acts and thus prompted a closer look at my home situation so they would see the bruises on my face arms and so forth time to time I just lied and said I fell or something like that made sense but there was 3 of us kids attending the same school and we all matched the profile of kids that might be being abused on top of the lack of attendance at times.

The Spies Devil People

I was always told that on the left side of our property lived the house of the devil people. The devil people’s house was situated so that they seemed to be always able to look over the field and see with binoculars what was going on. Our parents would tell us kids not to be in view of them not sure why our parents told us these things but anyway they had good reason to believe that those spies were taking notes on the going-ons of how well my parents were treating us as to report it to the proper authorities and it came to pass they were correct in their assumptions.

The Day the Police came

Sometime around my 9th Birthday or just before it my sister two years older than myself, Cindy and I were left at home while my parents and the 3 younger ones went with them to move farm equipment to a new property that my parents just bought in Modesto California. My sister and I was to look after the sheep and feed the dogs so forth so we were granted full reign of the house of which did not mean a whole lot since the food and the refrigerator remained under pad locked in my parents’ bedroom along with the TV. We were always told to never open the door why they would say this since our property was set back by a very long driveway with a steel gate at the highway and another near the house both with chain and pad locks. At any rate this day we were both in the house with the door bolted shut of which the highest of latches we had to use a chair to reach it, A huge knock came from that door saying this is the Police open the door or we will knock it down we both so scared and crying why were the police here what had happen to our parents maybe a car crash or what? All we could do is stand in fright The police were banging hard on the door so my sister got the chair while me saying don’t do it but she did and 5 to 6 police came into the house.

Placed In State Custody

Next thing we both were sitting in the back seat of a police car they took us to a hospital where they bathed us and shot photos of our naked bodies. From the hospital they took us to the Sacramento Children’s Receiving Home. The food and bed was great there but I still did not know why or what transpired.

Parents Arrested

After 6 to 8 months later I learned that my parents were arrested for child abuse. They lost everything the Ranch, Plane, Boat Cars Trucks, Dogs Horses, Sheep, Everything confiscated by the State of California My Father was sent to Prison for over 2 years my mother lived in freedom somewhere?. My mother’s only sister agreed to take only 2 of us out of 5 kids that were taken in by the State the other three I did not know where they were taken to or if they were sent to foster homes. Years later I asked my father why he allowed all those things to happen to us kids and in his reply was “What was I supposed to do she was the one that had inherited lots of money from her father that enabled them to buy the ranch and all the things what was I to do take all you kids off somewhere by myself”?

Life At My Aunt Rena’s Farm

Only my sister Cindy and I lived for 4 years with my Aunt in Turlock California. My Aunt and Uncle were kind to us but very strict but not to point of beatings ect.. They owned a large dairy farm milking cows and I had many older cousins that took care of the farm. We went to a Catholic school and our lives for four years were normal and proper. At the age of 13 we heard various ramblings that my parents were trying to get back custody and visitation rights for us kids.

Transferred To A Foster Home

My sister and I was transferred to a foster home in Prundale California where we lived for almost one year terrible hosts as a foster home goes the man was a trapper of animals so there was many animal hides everywhere and the place smelled I even remember going with him on a early morning to check his trap lines then learned how he did what he did but did not know why anyway many trapping stories from that time I attended a public school that I believe I was the only non-Hispanic student and everyday was involved in a fist fight I hated that school and the foster home a complete different life of living with my Aunt.

The Messenger My Brother Patrick

Just before tuning 14 years old we got a visitor from my older brother Patrick he came to see us and said we would be going home soon to be with our real parents, few weeks followed and we had a set up meeting to meet our parents and following that time we soon were transferred back to live with our parents of which in the 4 plus years manage to have two more sisters.

Back To Custody Of My Parents

We the original 5 back together in a three bed room house in Prundale California. We lived there one year and life was not easy having to readjust what I saw and felt was my youngest brother who was taken away from my parents at only 8 months old when the police raided the Ranch and waited for my parents to return to get the 3 remaining of my sister and two brothers and the arrest of my Father.

Those three went to foster homes split up for the baby brother he had been transferred thru 10 foster homes in the 4 plus years and each new home would make him call them mom or dad so when finally back with his real parents they also training him for him to call them Mama & Daddy which I believe had no meaning it was heart wrenching to see and feel for him cause it was done in a very strict manner to say the least.

Escape From California

As soon as the one year probation set by the State of California was done all my parents wanted to do was get out of the State of California they hated this place and blamed the State for what happened to their lives. They loaded the truck and a long 60 foot broken down trailer home and off we went headed for Idaho State where after my father had served his time in Prison at in California they both went and stayed and worked for some friends that lived in Pocatello Idaho. So there was 7 of us kids 5 in the back of my dad’s 59 Chevy truck that had a steel cage for hauling live stock in the back. Somewhere before getting out of California pulling that huge trailer was too much for the trucks clutch so they un hitched the trailer some place and left it and we continued on to Idaho.

New Homeland Idaho

After 3 days of on the road we arrived in Idaho Falls Idaho and parked at the one and only KOA camp grounds what would become our home for nearly a year. My parents were able to barrow a small camping trailer from the camp grounds manager and my brother Patrick got a job working for the manager of the camp grounds to help pay for our space rental and food for everyone. The summer was hot and boring and winter was murderous.

New House Old Mind Games Begin

After one year we found out that the three bedroom house across the field was for rent they move quickly and we moved in and the games began again with my Mother and her standard ways of making one’s life a living hell this time as a little different due to the fact that she no longer used a belt for discipline but would force you to the floor and hand slap your face until blood was running from one of your head orifices . My mother had other strange ways of depriving us kids of what we thought was a normal life like going to school but this time no decent cloths anything that was 20 years old pass me down or second hand crap so in going to school for any of us never made any friends and again school became a place of freedom from the abusive home life.

Patrick’s Help Never Forgotten

Only after one year my brother Patrick left home and went back to California and came back to try and help working as a bus boy in the hotel in downtown Idaho Falls Idaho My brother Patrick had a heart and wanted to help us kids have a better life He did not take any abuse from my mother since he was old enough to be on his own and he had taekwondo skills and could take my mother down in a pure defensive stance and she knew this so they only got into word fights. I will never forget it he would bring home at 1 am in the morning left over soup of the day in these quart plastic containers and still hot other times he would bring home sandwiches and French fries. Patrick did this for a year and finally could not take it any longer living in the insane presence of my evil mother.

School Never A Priority

My junior high school years there in Idaho were nothing but a continuous struggle to keep up due to my mother keeping us from attending school to stay at home doing some worthless chores. I and my sister and younger brother made many plans to run away hoping to get caught so we would be again placed In a foster to have three meals a day and nicer clothes to wear to school but on some were lucky in making a successful escape. As for me I started using Pot to escape the daily realities and to help me feel nothing from the continuous war at the house.

Love Of Animals More Than Own Children

My mother loved her animals more than she loved her flesh and blood she showed it in to the point of losing the ranch in California She alone was the one to do all the beatings, My Father took the blame and went to prison for her. I admire the love he had for her but do not understand why he allowed her to do the things she did to us kids sure he would yell at her to stop as he did on the ranch in the bathroom but that was all it was just a compassion cry for us kids. Back to the Love my Mother had for animals she had collected nearly 20 stray cats and about 7 stray dogs in the 2 years living in the Idaho house near the KOA camp grounds it’s not the animals fault they were not trained how to use a litter tray some were most of them not they would use our bed to shit on or if you did not have hangers anything left on the floor would be used as a litter box so of course we would go to school our clothes stinking so bad.

Cat Shit On My Sister’s Sweeter

One day while on the way to school on the bus my sister sat in the seat in front of me and on her back shoulder was a smashed cat or dog feces I did not say anything just let it be and my brother and I laughed. There was one of the dogs that was rescued by my older brother Jim who came to Idaho to live for a while maybe less than 4 months I did not know him nor my oldest sister for they had ran away from home at the time of living on the ranch anyway he named that dog nickadimus and very fitting it was a one owner dog anyone else it barked at you as if you were its enemy when Jim left he gave the dog to my sister Adrian. I hated that dog for every time my mother had me or anyone on the floor slapping us until we bled the dog was biting our hands and legs anything it could get its teeth into. As for all the cats and 4 dogs that lived in the house that was there prison also for my mother did not allow them to go outside for fear they would be lost or killed on the highway.

Family Home Evening

In those days my mother made us kids go to the Mormon church for what reason I can only say cause they are good people and they try their best to take care of their own so on Weds night once a month that is family home evening visit from the brothers of the church to come to the house with food and have a bible study as so when they knocked on the front door all the cats and the dogs of the house would run to the door knowing they would have their opportunity for freedom when that door opened.

Entertainment In chaos

I loved those times of chaos my mother would be yelling for us kids to get the cats and dogs and put them in our bedrooms, I found it to be a time of slow motion just to watch the comical sene my mother would have 3 or 4 cats in one arm and two dogs in the other as she going to the back bedrooms the cats start fighting with the dogs in her arms and she would be scratched and loose her load of cats and dogs as they run as fast as they could back to the sound of freedom, the front door, I never got tired to see this and for me I would try to help but those cats are fast as I threw two cat into the bedroom 4 would run out before I could shut the door. Mad House is a polite word for what one could see from an outsider point of view.

My Father’s Disabilities

My father lay in bed most of the time due to a broken back from his younger years of driving truck of which he incurred an accident falling from the top portion of a tomato truck and landing on a protruding part of the trailer breaking his back. In those days no way to fix it except to fuse the spine plus he was a type two diabetic and it had eaten one lung away and was working on his left leg.

My First Job

At age 15 I got a job working part-time at the Idaho Science Experience Center as a handy man great job and my fist boss never forget her Mrs. Bybee the manager of the center treated me like a son. I would share my earnings to help buy food and try to save some for my time when the day came I could run a way well that day never came I just did what I could to maintain insanity.

Escape Plan Failed

I was able to make a plan for my sister Adrian that was two years younger than myself to run away from the hell she was enduring under the hand of my mother. At the time my sister got her period I felt so sorry for her cause my mother just had it in for her even more than what was normal if there is such a thing. I hated what I was seeing how my mother was abusing her both verbally and physically I made a plan with my sister and convinced her if the next time Mother started slapping her as she did as often as she could for reason or no reason to have some bag of clothes stored outside under the house and told her she could finally run for it and when she got picked up by the police just tell them what was going on in this hell environment and that she would be placed in a foster home and finally be treated like a human being and have 3 meals a day and real friends.

Enough Is Enough

Adrian bought my plan but what she did not know is my plan included that when she got caught the authorities would investigate and take the rest of us away to safety and place us also in foster homes. The day came my sister had enough and took off after being assaulted by my mother she ran and my mother sent the rest of us out of the house looking for her. Believe me my poorest attempt to be serious to find her was nowhere to be found. I only felt some guilt if she was in harm’s way by another means other than the police finding her first. Two days went by and the call came from the police that she had turned herself in and told the stories of abuse. That’s all it took my plan worked the State came in and removed all of us from the house and put us up in a temporary foster homes pending the outcome of a hearing spawned by my sisters story. Life was great a nice place nice food nice care takers Lasted for two weeks and then came word that all of us would be returned to our parents.


Another Deal Brokered

A deal was struck with the State if they would get rid of all the cats and dogs to the allowed amount set by the State I think it’s 2 dogs and 3 cats and remove all the floor coverings and have the house fumigated them they would allow us to return home with an exception my sister Adrian was allowed not to go back but be place in a foster home so it all happened accordingly.

My great plan was shortly lived but at least my sister would not have to suffer her teen years in that hell of a place. Life was much better after that without all the animals and in all I think it was also a wakeup call to my parents that they should not let the past repeat its self. My mother still doing the same things but with a little more caution.

DJ School My Father’s Dream

Not long after that maybe the peacefulness at home lasted about 5 months and my father feeling a little better after going through anther surgery of some sort and changing meds was inspired to go to school to become a DJ a life dream he always had. The nearest and finest DJ Schools are located in Salt Lake Utah.

I was almost 16 years old and wanted out on my own and I made it known to both my mother and father I would not run away like the others but I was going to get out on my own at 16 whatever it took. My mother asked me to stay long enough for them to find a place in Utah and for Dad to get settled and going to DJ school so I agreed to do what I could to the end of that agreement. My father got accepted and he and I rented a uhaul moving truck and drove to Salt Lake Utah where we were able to find a vacant house to rent Just Dad and I in this semi nice house.

Dad went to school at night and slept during the day I stayed in the house thinking of things to do I think we were thee for 3 weeks or so and then went back to Idaho to get the rest of the belongings and the rest of the family.

Moved To Salt Lake Utah

We loaded the truck and moved to Salt Lake Utah we settled down my younger brother and I had the lower basement room it was nice to be in a new place almost like starting over again. We had been in the new place 4 weeks when all the sudden my brother Glen came down stairs saying to me that he heard mom and dad talking and that I was out of there as I wanted I thought he was joking as we always did to each other.

Pack Your Bags You Are Out Of Here”

The next day my father called down to me and said to pack my bags so I did put some clothes in a plastic garbage bag and went up stair where my mother handed me a old suit case full of clothes and we all got in to the car and they drove me to the Airport giving me a plane ticket and a piece of paper with my brother Patrick’s phone number on it as we approached the airport I remember my mother saying “you will never make it and that I would fail my life and not make anything of it not even close to what life her and my father have made in this life” I only said in reply Yes I will I will be better then you. Got out of the car and went into the airport terminal,

Reality Or Dream?

As I was finally on the plane flying to Aberqurque New Mexico I was not sure if I was dreaming and would wake up and still be in the house in Salt Lake Utah I could not believe it my plan worked to be away from that hell of an environment I was so very happy and scared at the same time not knowing what to do but only hoping life would be better. I was told by my mother on the way to the airport that she had called Patrick and told him that I was coming there to live with him.

The Feeling Of Hopelessness

Upon arriving at the airport in New Mexico I found a pay phone and called the number a lady answered the phone and I told her that I was Patrick’s younger brother Cary she said “well Patrick no longer lives here” My stomach sank to somewhere and I soon felt sick and light headed the lady said “I will call him at work and tell him you are at the airport waiting”. I waited what seemed 12 hours but only 4 hours and soon I saw my brother pull up in a blue Toyota Celica he came to me with surprise and said what am I doing here I said “what mother did not call you and tell you I was coming here to live with you”? He replied “No I have not talked to that person for over 4 years” again fear came over me and a sick feeling of hopelessness. Patrick said lets go so we left and went to the house of the lady whom answered my call earlier he said he was doing some remodeling work on their master bedroom The couple there were like step parents to Patrick they were both doctors the house was like a mansion a kind of place I never in my whole life had ever seen

Afghan Dogs

I remember as my brother worked on the closet doors I sat on the bed along with two huge beautiful Afghan dogs that acted like people with their heads laying on the pillow as if it was their own right to act like their human owners all the while still I could not stop the feeling of fear and hopelessness I started thinking what will happen to me if I get sent back to Utah after all Patrick had said in the car on the way there that he did not know what I was going to do cause he could barely support himself and sleeping on the floor In a shared apartment with two guy roommates.

The 72 White Camaro

We drove to the apartment where Patrick was living we parked and went inside and put my belongings in the living room floor we went back outside and will never forget when Patrick showed me his new dream car a 72 white custom Camaro we went for a ride we talked and I told him I can’t go back there to Utah they will put me in a Boy Ranch or worse we prayed about it and he said something will work out . The next couple days I went with him to work he worked delivering stucco to construction sites and on Sunday we went to church Heights Christian Church there we met a man and Patrick told him about me and he asked if he knew of anyone that I could stay with 2 days later the same man called and said he would be willing to take me in as long as I went to church and went to school agreed.

Living The Dream Life


I lived with this nice family of three for over a year Life was great! The father of the family was the Vice Principal of Highland High School Mr. Wentworth and his wife a Reg Nurse they had two daughters and one son older than me they were good people and extremely smart what they did for entertainment when the weekend came was read the newspapers. I would always call Patrick and he would come pick me up and we would go the mall or at night go race the Camaro at a not kind of street drag racing strip on the out skirts of town that was a blast. We would stay up late watching SNL and on Sunday go to church so I spent most of my free time with Patrick and his GF or at his GF family’s house. For the first time in my life I had friends and my grades in school were As and Bs I was so happy and blessed. I had become a born again Christian I was working a nice part time job and just started dating this girl that really liked me I had many real friends at the church I had been attending life was so very nice.


A Storm Came Without Warning

In December 1979 my world got shaken, Patrick was engaged to be married to the love of his life but for some reason the mother of his GF had other plans or figured my brother was not good enough for her daughter and it cause them to break up thru all the heart ache Patrick did not see any reason to stay in New Mexico so a couple weeks before Christmas he told me he was going back to California and that he would find a place to live and when school was over he would send for me to come live there if I wanted in the summer of 1980 I offered to help him drive to California since it was Christmas break so I withdrew my savings enough to pay for a plane ticket back to New Mexico after we got to California What ended up happening was a nightmare.

79 Off To California

We packed my brother things and hitched his motorcycle to back of the Camaro and off we went. I am not sure why things happen the way they do but somehow after two weeks in California I had no place to stay and did not have enough money to go back to New Mexico. The only option Patrick could come up with is to ask an old girlfriend’s parents if they would allow me to stay with them they agreed. I stayed in the back yard in a small travel trailer big enough for 2 it was nice but cold not only cold cause it was winter but cold cause I was by myself and feeling sorry that I could not go back to New Mexico to the dream life I was living and my new girl and my friends were waiting for me to come back to have a Christmas party ect.. it never happened no good byes to them no way to explain to them where I was and that I was not able to go back to them only many nights of thinking of them and now this new place that was not home. I started attending the high school nearby Cordova S High School it was difficult cause grading and requirements where different than it was in New Mexico.


Back To The Children’s Receiving Home

Sometime had passed and the people allowing me to stay in their back yard trailer were having issues of their own and said that I could not stay there any longer and had called my brother Patrick to come pick me up. Patrick at this time still not able to find work said he had no choice but to take me to the Sacramento Children’s Receiving home since I was not of legal age of 18 to be on my own so he did but they did not have room there for me to stay and sent me to a temporary boys home ran by a ex teacher of whom I found out was the same place my older brother Jimmy had stayed at and was introduced to drugs and later got killed out on Highway 50 at night time. The place was bad with rats and with other guys there smoking pot and doing drugs I hated it. In order not to miss or get behind in school I took the city buses across town and transferred at the mall to go to school every day.

Meeting My God Sent Sister


One day going to school I met a girl on the bus somehow I started talking to her and told her about my story of what had happened in my life to the current time she said that her father was a minister of a small church and that she would ask him if anyone in the church would be willing to take me in to live with them I gave her my phone number where I was staying and thanked her and did not see again. Now it had been a couple weeks later I got a call from her that her dad wanted to talk to me and he came to the place where I was staying and we talked about my life and everything he said he would try and find a place for me to live. A couple weeks later I was back where I started my life at 8 years old in the Sacramento Children’s Receiving Home where they had now had room for me. I remembered it to be the same as it was when I was 8 years old it made me said to think my life was going in a complete repeat of my younger years.


Life Changing Offer

A month or so went by and I got a call from Nancy the girl I met on the bus that introduced her father that came and talked with me she said I have great news for you my parents could not find a place for you to live but they did decide to get a foster home license and take you in O how I was so happy to hear how my life would start to get better and they came to the Home and with a birthday cake to celebrated my 17 year birthday and a few weeks later they came and took me to their house where I they had a beautiful home with a swimming pool and I had my own bedroom with a queen size brass bed I felt like I was in heaven. I went to the same high school as Nancy did and did my best to keep up. Sometimes Patrick would stop by to see how I was doing we sometimes went to the mall on the weekends.


A Love Life For Not


A year later I met a beautiful girl and fell in love I was in my senior year of high school its lasted about a year when she broke up with me so to run from the temptation of going back to her to make it work which was foolish thinking I decided since I had graduated from High School and had no Idea what I wanted to do with my life I joined the US Navy. I am glad that I decided to do what I did at the time years later my first love that broke up with me to marry her new find killed himself That could have been me if I had been the one to marry her. Never know why things work out the way they do.


Military Life


Graduated from Cordova S High School in 1982 had My 19th Birthday on the 2day of Basic Training NAS Orlando Florida 1983. After basic training I went to my C School in NAS Merdian Mississippi where I graduated top 10 of my class which entitled me to pick my first duty station well I wanted to be close to my home town of Sacramento California and there was only one left for that area most of the options were on the East Coast So I choose the USS Carl Vinson CVN-70 at the time the newest Air Craft Carrier at the time. My Rate as a Ship Serviceman, Ship Stores, Laundry Dry-cleaning, Book Keeping, 3M Maintainer of Material Management for 70 Plus compartments or store spaces for the S-3 Division and Served TAD for 1 year as Ship Master AT Arms. Sea service consisted of ¾ rounds the world tour 10-1/2 months at sea and 2 west pacific deployments 8 to 9 month for each deployment. I finished the 4 year Navy contract as a SH2 Petty Officer Second Class Honorable Discharge.


Civilian Life/ Air Force Reserves


As A Civilian I worked for various companies doing construction in financial intuitions and 4 years as a health club facilities manager. During this time I missed the Military life in some ways so in 1989 I joined the US Air Force Reserves one weekend a month 2 weeks a year for training or unless they activated the unit for war time missions, I Retrained As an Air Cargo Specialist 60555 now it’s called a 2T2 Served 19 Years in The US Air Force Reserves. Retired in March 2010 As E-7 Master Sergeant In 1994 I received my B-1 license as a General Contractor in California (Martin’s Quality Construction Inc.) specializing in whole house remodeling, additions, and commercial tenant improvements. Closed the business in 2006 when the US economy went south.


Life In The Philippines


I moved to the Philippines in 2008 after a bad divorce of 23 years and 2 Sons. After 2 years in the Philippines I met my new wife and married she was from a small town in the Visayas, Oboyog Leyte. I opened a furniture business making custom furniture for export but again the US economy found no favor to me. I made and exported over 55kUSD in furniture to California to this day I am still waiting to get even one penny back from my investment,


Surprise! My Filipina Wife A Gambler!


Shortly after that great monetary loss I lost my second wife from Leyte PH. to a gambling addiction of which I was completely unaware that she had before getting married. I now believe to this day that she had a plan and it was not to love me as her husband but to just go thru the motions long enough to steal and pawn anything that had any value then run and find another man and start whole process over. In short when the money dried up she abandoned me for a venture to find another to support her diseases. It took her no time after she abandoned me pictures surfaced on Facebook with her using another last name and her in the arms a man living in Australia His name is Paul Grinshaw This man and my Filipina wife Romilyn Nibris Martin and her family Nebres & Reas family in Leyte have no shame she took him there to the home of my wife’s family and over 100 witness of our wedding vows None of them found it odd that I was not with her or ask about me her real husband? no most likely not! they only greeted this new person Paul Grinshaw with open pockets. I wonder did they stay in the same hotel that we stayed in after our wedding was over? So at this time I am married to her due to the fact there is no divorce in the Philippines only annulment but the cost is more than I can afford.


Life In Cavite City Philippines 2015


I live by myself in a one bedroom in Cavite City Philippines. I attend AMA Computer College taking BSIT via GI Bill Post 911 Bill. I am a direct seller of Javita Coffee Company Since 2011 and doing online networking and promotion of affiliate programs. I am also working with a Company called Vibrant Communications Inc. as the VP Sales & Marketing Development Manager whereas I seek out US based Companies that develop and build Renewable Energy Products and partner with them and promote their products to the Philippine Market. At present time this only part time and based on commission of landing contracts in Electrical, Building Design IT Solutions, CCTV, Waste Management And various other services we offer. Well that is it in a nuTs shell. Again Thank you for visiting my site and reading my short mini bio. Come back often for new updates. Please leave a comment or if you have any questions please send me an email at I will reply within 24 hours if not sooner. You can also catch me on Skype at cary_martin call or text me at +63 09227029231 or +63 09173966823 also read some of my recent articles at Again Thank you Take Care Always Cary Allen Martin Cavite Philippines

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