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The Art of Efficient Customer Care - A Forgotten Luxury Perhaps?

Nov 16th 2015 at 10:28 PM

It cannot be emphasised enough on how important customer service is for companies. Many a times, companies focus too much on marketing and promotional strategies without so much as thinking about customer service. On doing this, they are paving a path to failure. In today’s digital age, technology is both a pro and con for businesses. Where on one hand they could effectively market their product with advanced technology, on the other a customer can take to social media to vent out against bad customer service.

In today’s fast aced culture, treating customers with due respect seems to have taken a back seat. It truly seems like efficient customer care is a forgotten art. Yet, there are companies that realise this and are steadily growing. It is never too late to start.

A business needs to have an understanding of how their customers feel. This is a very important aspect. A recentresearch suggested that once you know how a customer feels you are already on the path to making them happy with your services. There are simple ways with which you can avoid being indifferent to your customer and make them feel more important

•    Appreciate them
•    Be friendly
•    Speak in  a positive manner that makes the feel valuable
•    Oblige them with useful services
•    Pay attentionto what they have to say
•    Don be in a hurry to get done with them without fully being of service
•    Approach them even before they can ask you for help
•    Empathy is a great virtue and makes the customer feel connected
•    Be spontaneous
•    Show honesty and sincerity to create a bond of trust
•    Communicate in a way that keeps them involved
•    Avoidnegative attitude at all costs
•    Pay heed to theircomplaints and avoidturning a deaf ear at such times
•    Keep in mind  different individual behaviour and have a flexible and adaptive approachtowards them

Many a times it is not easy to possess all of the above mentioned qualities or employees might lack in a certain area at times. Nevertheless, there are numerous courses that will help you in this particular aspect. Such programmes in train qualitatively, coaching employee behaviours, instilling skills in a way to ensure that it has a lifelong affect, and so forth. Customer Service Training is a forte of the Blanchard international company that aimsto effectively carve out these skills in any employee. They aim to help gain a larger understanding of what a consumer wants and then focus on how, where and when to make use of it.

Bottom line is that you cannot in any way chance to loose upon customers and have to invest in keeping them satisfied to ensure success.

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