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The 5 Pillars of Life

Jul 6th 2010 at 10:35 PM

Hello dear friend :)

You want to be happy. Everybody does. If you think for a moment
about the ingredients that go into that elusive feeling of “being
happy,” you’ll see that your happiness is built on five pillars:

1. Inner (mental and emotional) peace

2. Feeling in control of your time and energy

3. A high level of mental and physical energy and health

4. Satisfying relationships (love and friendship)

5. Material success and security

These can be shortened as follows:

1. Tranquility

2. Control

3. Health

4. Love

5. Security

These are usually considered essential human needs for a happy and fulfilling
life. If any one of the five pillars topples over, you feel off balance,
anxious, and unhappy.

Brian Tracy, a superb coach of personal effectiveness,
says that happiness is given to us as a kind of internal barometer,
so that when we are unhappy, we need to ask ourselves some serious
questions about our lifestyle and our choices. Despite what you might
think, authentic ancient traditions would agree with this assessment:

Most of our unhappiness comes from our wrong approaches and choices,
so that unhappiness can be considered a wake-up call.

They would add, though, that all five pillars of happiness are inherently
vulnerable, so that to base your happiness on them is setting
yourself up for a fall. Someone treats you badly and you lose your
inner peace. Your girlfriend or boyfriend breaks up with you and you
go into a funk. You get laid off. Face it, the five pillars are pretty precarious….
Moreover, the happiness you can get from the five pillars is
not nearly as fulfilling as people think — that’s why you so often hear
about people who seem to “have it all” express disappointment and
say, “Is that all there is?”

Fortunately the answer is no. There’s more. There is a happiness
that gives you everything the five pillars do, but in a permanent and
indestructible form. There is a way of cultivating happiness that takes
all of the pillars to a higher level and makes them into your permanent

The Five Pillars of Life will show you how to attain all five pillars of
happiness and how to transform them into the indestructible basis of
your life and your future by not aiming for them. That’s right, the more
you try to grasp the five pillars of happiness, the more they will elude
you. You must aim at the five pillars of transformation instead.

If you’re interested in:

- Taking back control of your time and energy,

- Building superb health and immunity

- not to mention mastering your thoughts and
emotions, over-coming all your challenges and
transforming your life into LOVE,

…then you ABSOLUTELY need to read The 5 Pillars Of Life.

My colleague, Dr. Symeon Rodger, has written this
book and it will definitely be a classic in the
field of Personal Growth for a very long time
to come.

You can learn all about it here

To an empowering day my friends,

Georgina Kordosis

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