Take up Robotics with 8051 mC Training to Fulfill Your Aspirations of a Stimulating, Exciting, and Lucrative Robotics Career

Feb 6th 2015 at 2:38 AM

Robotics with 8051 mC training is for aspiring robotics engineers and technicians. In this type of training, aspirants learn about how to achieve solutions through the use of robotics, which in turn is implemented through the 8051 microcontroller. Embedded C programming is the basis for enabling automation. Prospective robotics technicians should also be cognizant of controllers, sensors, actuators, locomotion and wireless communication etc. to bring to the fore the final product, which is an automated system called the robot.


Controllers are devices that read inputs and adjusts the output so that a connected device functions in a pre-defined manner. There are different types of controllers, from motor controllers to microcontrollers. For industrial automation, there are two types of robot controllers, PC based and PLC based ones.


Robot sensors are components that help the robots know the world around them. There are different types of sensors such as ultrasonic, humidity, temperature, and force sensors. Therefore, sensors are ''eyes and ears'' of the robot.


They are electromechanical devices that convert energy into mechanical action. The types of actuators that may be used in robotics are hydraulic, pneumatic, electric, magnetic, thermal, and mechanical. Actuators are used for inducing motion or restricting it.


Robot locomotion is the collection of methods that is used to help achieve robot locomotion. It can achieved by a mix of 8051 mC or PIC programming , depending on the type of microcontroller used. Some common types of locomotion are wheeled, walking, bipedal walking, running, rolling, hopping, metachronal motion, sithering, swimming, brachiating, hybrid and spinning.

Wireless communication

In robots, wireless communication is transferring controller information to the robot without the robot needing to be connected to the controller. Wireless communication can be a few centimeters short to as long as millions of kilometers. Radio waves are used to achieve wireless communication.

The future of robotics and artificial intelligence innovation

With advances in computing power, more innovations are bound to happen. Cost-effective robot configurations are the next wave of technology. Industrial robot sciences will evolve supporting wider structures and mechanisms. There are so many automation systems, with locomotion capabilities used for a variety of purposes, that these automation systems classify as robots. There are robots used underwater, demolition, surgical procedures, and even for household tasks such as vacuum cleaning and lawn mowing.

Governments are becoming serious about reducing human effort, error in critical tasks by replacing them with robots. Some years back, in the US there was an anthrax scare. Robots were used to sort postal applications. The US postal service uses robots to sort parcels and it is estimated that this single entity may employ more than 100,000 robots! Given this premise robotics with 8051 mC training is a step in the right direction for aspiring robotics professionals.


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