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Sep 8th 2010 at 12:30 AM

How often do we find ourselves getting out of emotion control during an argument or especially during a quarrel?

More than often we tend to become more defensive when a disagreement occurs, with one party trying to press across one's points and logic against the other party and vice versa; each trying to put forth their rationale, often forcibly, to each other and in the bid to win a verbal warfare more unkind words, vulgarities, digging up ugly past histories of another, ecetera start to surface. This often further aggravate the already hot and heated quarrel and it usually ended up with an even more severe "side effects" having no winners except losers. There's always no kindness when quarrels concern. All started from the seed of displeasure. Once the displeasure starts to grow into anger, emotional "explosion" results.

As an avid newspaper reader, none of the articles from the first to the last page of a newspaper will miss my eyes, especially those with the headings of some unfortunate things that happened to some people due to family unhappiness, wrecked marriages, dissatisfied workers, failed relationships, and a long list more with suicides, murders and serious injuries resulted due to a spur of moment's lost of emotional rage. How sad! Surely all those misfortune could have been avoided had those people turn to some mediation help or counselling. Or, even better, have themselves trained how to be deal with emotion and anger. I always believe that we are all responsible for our own emotion because the emotion switch lies within ourselves and no one else can access our emotion to control it for us, except ourselves.

It's a reality that we cannot possibility live a displeasure or anger-free life. Everybody at certain times of our lives will encounter situations or people who will trigger our wrath. But, as the saying goes, "Let not your anger lead you to sin". Being angry is a reaction. It's very much like the allergy response gives out by our body as a reaction against some foods or products that our body reject. It's not wrong to be angry but however we have to mind the actions that may be motivated by the spur of anger. Usually when wrath translates into a grievious action, all is too late! There's nothing more to say except to face the consequences of an impulsive deed and only to live or die with regrets.

I have always shared this thought with people around me that, "If there's any consequences that money can solve then it's indeed not a big problem. However, as not all consequences can be simply resolved by money and it may even demands your own life to resolve then, that is a REAL BIG PROBLEM!". This is especially true in Singapore where death penalty exists. Many precious lives have lost as a result of suicide, murder and last but not least, death penalties; all these would have been avoided!

So, the message I wish to put across in this post is to encourage whoever who are facing any emotional crisis to seek an early assistance from whoever that can be best of trust and avoid bottling up.

Here's some tips on how we can deal with emotional upset:

-if in anger, share it with people who may be willing to lend a pair of listening ear

-learn to RESET our emotional switch;  close our eyes, take a few deep breath and allow ourselves to cool down

-keep in mind that it's not worth dwelling in the unhappiness and end up hurting our own health

-let go the end of that grievance tie which we are holding; don't hold on to the end of the tie which our trespassers have started.

-apply "live and let live" philosophy - life has to go on anyway so just focus on moving on.

-know that "nature will take its own course"; we may have let go of people who wronged us but others may not so just let our trespassers to meet their own due fate.

-remind ourselves that life is too short to be always angry and unhappy. Regardless of whether we are happy or not, we only get to live once after all.

-pamper ourselves with our favourite treat such a chocolate or go for a movie; do the things that will keep you occupied and happy.

May this sincere sharing of mine find favour in its readers and bring about beneficial effects.

Wishing all of you happiness always!

Happy Faceplating!


P/S: I'm not talented in writing but love to write. As there my passage may not be perfect however my focus is to share from my heart the thoughts and experiences which I believe may benefit some people out there. Please excuse me for the imperfection of my writing. Do feel free to comment, if any.


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Sep 12th 2010 at 11:43 AM by click_n_bid
Hi! Mikecrei, thanks for supporting my articles and contributing your comments. I hope my postings will be of help to you and also to my other audience at Imfaceplate too. Wishing you happiness always! Good night!...w for now.
Sep 12th 2010 at 7:16 AM by mikecrei
I like it. That's my new keyword. When I feel I'm about to loose my temper, I'm going to say "RESET".
Sep 8th 2010 at 12:52 AM by click_n_bid
Hi! Philippe,thanks for reading my article and giving me so much encouragement. There's a lot more for me to learn the art of writing and that's what I have always want to learn from good and experienced writers. It's amazing to see many good articles here in faceplate...I love reading and I read a lot everyday. I wish to write my own books in the near future.
Sep 8th 2010 at 12:41 AM by phmoisan
Hi Grace, I love this "If there's any consequences that money can solve then it's indeed not a big problem" It belongs in the Quotes group. Wonderful article. Keep writing, I'll keep reading. :) I'm really glad I'm among your followers. I recommend you rewrite it some and publish it on an article directory. Thumbs up ! Philippe

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