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Strategic Living - Accept Yourself

Sep 15th 2010 at 12:37 AM


Each and everyone has our own world which we have established throughout our lives since our toddlerhood all the way to our adulthood and right up to the day we "call it a day".

Throughout our entire life journey, the world within us takes its shape rapidly and undergoes evolution as go grew older and in every stage of our lives. This evolution influences almost every aspects of our life and vice versa.

Evolution is a major process that takes place in everyone of us unstoppably as it goes along side with TIME, the measuring factor of our lives.

As time passes us by, many happenings that have occurred in our lives built up that made up of positive and negative life experiences. The building up of the negative past happenings in our lives is liken unto the plague that builds up in the blood vessels clogging otherwise smooth circulation of blood. And, in order to be able to resume normal blood flow that plague must be gotten rid of. Similarly, we will have to get rid of the "plague" that builds up from our negative past experiences in order for our life to be able to go on smoothly.

More than often, one of the "culprits" that keeps us from moving on is the INABILITY TO ACCEPT ourselves. For instance; after having fired from a job. Dismissal from a job strips off the sense of pride and crushes the ego of an individual, leaving the individual with the feeling of self-blame and bitterness towards the one who executes the dismissal and as well as towards one's self. This impacts the individual's life and affects him or her in many aspects, hampering the individual's confidence and courage to go on and look for a new job again. Such an impact can last for quite some time before he or she can finally "lift up the head" to face new challenge again. At worst, such an impact can even cast one down to a stage of self-pity and depression that often  leads to a sense of doom and even self-destruction!

By learning to ACCEPT ourselves; ACCEPT others; ACCEPT situations that we cannot change; ACCEPT failures, so and so forth, we can then release ourselves from the "imprisonment of unacceptance". Being able to ACCEPT will allow us to forgive not only ourselves but also others and move forward without any psychological hindrance such as guilt or self-blame. Only when we are able to put behind whatever that holds us back due to UNACCEPTANCE then can we spring forth with life again and pursue whatever we want to do and achieve in our lives.

Having said so much, I know that there'll be some people out there who might be saying, "Well, it's easier said then done because you are not in my shoes!".

Well, how do I arrive at writing this passage? It is because I've been though a really tough life with lots of heartaches, failures, disappointments and even near death experience!

I always see myself as a very thick story book with lots of real life stories to share. I used to wonder why must I be the one who must go through such a rough journey in life and why are there people who are allowed to enjoy smooth sailing life.

The question of "WHY ME?" rang loudly within my heart and my soul. But as I increase in age and the same is true to my accumulation of experiences, I realised that I have been given the strength and ability to take the challenges in life. It's definitely not easy but what I've been through has somehow molded me in every aspect causing an emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual evolution in me. This has made me what I am today, a emotionally and mentally strong person with a wealth of life experiences to help others go through their rough journey.

Todate, I have already benefited quite a lot of people through the sharing of my life stories and experiences which lead to a "turn-around" in their lives! I even managed to talk around an acquaintance who almost wanted to jump off the building which I was residing! That has given me a great sense of satisfaction which no money can buy!

Here, from my photograph you can see still see a glowing smile on my face despite of having gone through such a rough-journeyed  life.  Many have wondered why. Well, it's simply because I have achieved the ability to ACCEPT and move on with my life. After all, life is too short to brood and whine. I always said to people around me that "regardless whether you lead a happy or a gloomy life, you'll only have few tens of years to live so why not learn to live happily?". Happiness comes in many ways and many forms; it's up to you to choose what can make you happy and adopt that. The reality is, "No one can make us happy if we reject happiness!". Whenever I come across someone who seems to be always unhappy about practically everything in life I will put forth this question, "How long are you going to live with unhappiness?", and "How many more years of unhappiness are you prepared to live with?". I left them to answer the questions to themselves and not to me. It's not for me to know, anyway.

Finally, in conclusion to my sharing, I hope that my readers will consider the meaning of what this passage is trying to deliver rather than putting the focus on my writing skills, something which I have been lacking and am trying to develop. The value of this passage lies in the meaning itself rather than the question on my writing skill.

Just in case some people might pinpoint, please do not get me wrong; writing skill is definitely important but it must not stop me from sharing to benefit others...right?

However, please feel free to share this article with whoever that you feel may be of benefit. Do also feel free to share your thought with me by add a comment. I'd love to hear from my audience.

Thank you for reading this article! Wishing All My Audience A Cheerful Day!


To your Happiness,

Grace Lim


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Nov 6th 2010 at 10:01 PM by click_n_bid
Hi! Cmsolution,thanks for your kind comment.
Nov 6th 2010 at 10:53 AM by cmsolution
Nice article. However, writing short articles are always good to attract more readers, especially on the internet.

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