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Steps To Flushing Out Drugs From Your Body

Nov 8th 2015 at 9:45 PM

There are several occasions when you may need to pass a drug test. Either your boss at your place of work requires it, or maybe an insurance agent may need a drug report and sometimes you may just need to flush any foreign matter that may be deemed as drugs from your body. Whether you have taken illegal drugs or recreational but legal drugs ensuring that you don’t have any chemicals in your body that could get you in trouble for no reason may be important to you. Below are some steps of how you can flush drugs, whether illegal or not, form your body system.

Whether you have taken salvia 40x or some other drug that may be legal where you live, you may not want your boss at work or anyone else to know what you do when you are relaxing and not at work. If this is the case, you can use several techniques to flush your system and prevent drug tests from indicating positive for whatever may be tested for. One technique that you should ensure that you adopt is to drink plenty of water over an extended period of time as is possible, in order to flush out the drugs. Ideally, even if you are not taking drugs you should be taking about 8 glasses of water in a day and this should be your daily target whatever the circumstance. Since you are actively trying to get rid of chemicals from your system, taking 10 glasses of water should be your target. With that said, taking too much water, should also be avoided because it can cause an adverse effect on your body and even cause death. Taking close to 16 glasses of water within a 24-hour period should be avoided at all costs. Additionally, taking other fluids should be avoided when trying to flush your system with water if you want to maximize efficiency.


Once you have taken a lot of water and you want to avoid your urine from looking too diluted, taking some B-complex vitamins can return some yellow colour to your urine. These vitamins can usually be ingested as pills or as nutritional yeast. Additionally, you can take diuretics like cranberry juice, coffee and tea so that you can induce the passing of urine. This will basically force out the chemicals in your system and leave your body free from the drugs. Since diuretics can sometimes react with other chemicals in your body, you need to be careful about how much you consume. Monitor how you feel as you take the diuretics. Furthermore, doing a lot of physical activity and especially exercise will make you sweat more than usual and therefore get rid of chemicals in your system through your sweat. However, stop exercising about 2 days before the drug test because you want your body to stop flushing out the drugs in your system at this point and instead start reabsorbing them and binding them so that they are not easily detectable though the drugs test. Before you can go and purchase some salvia for sale or some other recreational drug, take time to find out ow you can flush it from your system in the best way.

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