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Varying degrees of confidence,apprehension and fear work together to shape our lives. If we are able to replace all three with faith, nothing would or could stand in the way of what we would be able to accomplish. - Jack Vorster

Startling, but Exciting Revelations about the World we Live in - PART ONE: Introduction

Jan 15th 2011 at 1:57 AM

The assumptions of life

Whatever your age, up to now you have simply accepted, like all of us, the assumption that we are what we are, that is, brain-powered individual human creatures going through life dependent upon whatever circumstances come along and opportunities on offer, not to mention the stresses and strains accompanying them.

A new sense od direction  needed

You will find that it is not so. You are, and have always been, under scrutiny and subject to making choices in life. However, this revelation will come as a good dose of the best medicine you’ve ever had. The first effect it should have is a great sigh of relief followed by a sense of exhilaration for the next steps you take in life. All encounters with fellow human beings will take on a whole new meaning. You will have the advantage of seeing them for who and what they are and you will also be able to identify the unseen influences affecting their lives. You will awake each morning with a new sense of direction and enthusiasm for each breathing moment, not being able to wait to tackle the world that is at your feet. You are about to live the way you’re supposed to live, perhaps even laughing within yourself at the delight of it all.
What a pleasure!

The motivations and the uncertainties

Being born into this world means being introduced to a terrestrial realm where all human endeavour is subject to the dictates of education, politics, business and finance. Added to this would be the compelling lure of entertainment, sport and other forms of recreation. During the course of our sojourn on this earth, our lives will also be affected by war, crime, disaster, conflict, disease and death - interspersed by fleeting moments of happiness, peace and satisfaction.

Life, therefore, offers no guarantees. And we certainly have no idea whatsoever as to the duration of our individual lives on earth. To say that we should make the most of it while we are alive offers no outcome, unless we do not really care. Competing in a race, of any kind, one has to start at the starting point. Only then can one proceed, knowing what lies ahead and how to negotiate the way to the finishing line. The same applies to life itself. It has a starting point. And that starting point is the experience of discovering who and what we really are. Once we do, only then can we really can commence with life. It would be like standing on the threshold of the right door to the truth of our existence. From that point onwards remarkable things will start happening. It will become plain sailing as we take a walk through that door into areas filled with revelation about our true purpose. 

There is an entrance to reality

As human beings taking up space on this planet it is imperative that we experience the truths that lie in wait beyond that door. If we do, life will take on a totally different meaning, one that will radically change our thinking and alter the course of our lives. In fact, as legal inhabitants of Planet Earth, we have a right to certain information that might have been withheld from us up to this point of our lives, not by design, but through mankind’s lack of knowledge concerning its own existence.

If you were the untraced heir to a fortune, you would proceed with your current lifestyle ignorant of this fact until such time as the good news reached you. Only then will your lifestyle begin to change. Likewise, by reading this, you may consider yourself the traced heir to an inheritance, the currency of which is far greater in value than all the money in the world. What would you do with it? Possibly, even before you've read the last word, you will hear yourself say, “If only I knew then what I know now!”

This short book lifts the curtain to a stage not yet tread upon. And you are going to walk right onto that stage, from where you will be transported into a world totally different to the one you have been used to.

A new reflection on life awaits you. So get ready, climb aboard. You have an adventure ahead.

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