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President of DMN Associates LLC is rapidly turning Dating Network USA into the best internet dating site available. Mike Norris has an excellent history of more than 30+ years combined of successful sales and marketing experience. DMN Associates LLC also owns and operates 30+ websites and 100+ blogs.
Michael's Helping Hands "Handyman Services"
Michael Norris has more than 35 years of education and experience in the home repair, construction, and maintenance industry.. He has also built standard homes, hurricane proof homes and multi-story buildings.
Michael has also been Awarded 3 times the honor of being a Parade of Homes Judge
State of Florida Certified Green Build Consultant

Your #1 Choice for a Orlando Handyman

Michael's Helping Hands "Handyman Services"
Longwood, Fl 32779
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Will Customer Service Job Interview Questions Decide Your Employment Future?

Social Media Job Hunting

May 8th 2011 at 8:43 AM

When people today are referring to Social Media and looking for work, a
good number of these individuals are beginning to feel like the
traditional job site is perishing quickly. The reality is that job
boards really aren't fading away in any way. Job boards only need to
reconsider the way they are helping job seekers find employment. This is
a common evolution with the internet. Musicians and artists were forced
to find a way to sell CDs when music stores were closing so they began
selling electronic versions of their albums. Bookstores and
created reading tools like Kindle to sell more books, just like job
websites need to discover a way to change and adjust. With social media
sites connecting and linking everyone, there is a clear flaw within the
traditional job website job seeking method, you don't get to get in
touch with an actual person. The human interactions are the things that
people are enjoying with social media websites, but none of the job
board or social media websites have developed a product to connect job
seekers with recruiters and decision makers and that is where the first
evolution is starting to happen. A number of job sites like Jobfox
have been thinking about the flaws with the traditional job site and
have begun moving forward to begin building a new way to network in
order to find jobs.

Search over 120,000 active job listings free. Click here.

Jobfox understands that job seekers enjoying being able to link up one
on one with decision makers and recruiters within the well known social
networking websites. The downside is that social network and job sites
are not built for actual hiring and networking. They are built for
social networking and keeping people entertained. By simply removing a
lot of the distractions and making it simpler to connect with recruiters
from a variety of companies, Jobfox developed their new platform called
Jobfox Boost. Boost is a solution in which a job seeker fills out his or
her card (It's similar to a virtual business card) then logs into Jobfox
and starts connecting the person looking for a job with the companies
with whom they want to be employed by. As opposed to merely discovering
job postings, that are also available inside, job seekers are also able
to find company networks in which an actual decision maker is awaiting
for job seekers to contact them. You will no longer need to submit your
resume to an automatic submission tool when using Jobfox simply because
Jobfox enables you to be able to hand your resume to the actual decision
maker. Jobfox has taken the middleman out of the submission process and
has gotten rid of the black hole that plagues the ,process.

Not only can Job Seekers feel confident that their resumes have made it
to decision makers, but Jobfox users also get to build a one on one
connection with an individual at all of the organizations they would
like to work for. Because of this relationship job seekers get to learn
about new positions as soon as they open, rather than waiting for a
couple weeks for them to be placed to various other job sites and in

Job boards are not a fading trend, jobs sites are evolving to meet the
needs and become the future of looking for work. Jobfox in particular is
one of the companies that is paving the way with their one of a kind
system named Boost. We now have a system available for social recruiting
that is designed for the only function of being able to help people
discover opened positions and companies find skilled talent. You have to
check out Jobfox Get that Jobfox to make and land an interview,
try it out,
It's free to. Search over 120,000 active job listings free. Click here.


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