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2 years ago

Social Cues

Nov 27th 2010 at 8:52 AM

I am convinced that more and more people have no concept of social cues or at the very least, cannot recognized them. Just a few things....

1. If your talking to a person and you notice they are still bobbing their head to the music and giving you short answers; stop talking, they aren't paying you much attention and your probably becoming annoying.

2. If your on the phone and people keep saying things like...'well... just holla at me..." or "wow.. it's getting late..." or their answers are reduced to "yeah.... oh, ok.... really". Recognize that they either want or need to get off the phone. Don't use that moment of silence before the 'good-byes' to start a new topic of discussion.

3. If some one is reciting significant parts of the story you are telling, you probably have told that story to that person too much. They know the story and don't really need you to repeat it.

4. If your speaking to some one and you notice they take a step or two back.... don't you step forward, recognize that they feel that you are too close. Respect their space!

5. If they didn't answer the phone... they were busy, the phone was not near, they couldn't talk or they didn't want to talk! Just because I have a cell phone does not mean I am always available... what did you do when it was only home phones.... you left a message or just called back later.

What's your thoughts?

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Dec 5th 2010 at 11:49 AM by gerardoantonio
good are right.

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