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Sex: Getting Back To Basics With Your Lover.

Jun 27th 2011 at 8:18 PM

I always here the same old story from my friends and family about how sex has become doll and routine in the bedroom.  When I ask "why is that?" the answer is always to the same: We've been together for so long now that there is no excitement, and everything has become routine, or I just don't have time for sex cause we work and we have kids.  The type of men that I am, when I hear the reasons of why so many couples around me are not having sex anymore it always boggles my mind.   The thought of living with a women, and not having sex with her is gay.  Yeah I said it gay.  I don't want my gay friends to read this and get all bent out of shape, this is how straight men talk, it's not an insult. Gay people are so sensitive sometimes.  Anyways back to my post.

When we hit puberty, as teen-agers all we think about is having sex, how we gone get sex, and if we do get lucky and find a girl or a boy if your a women, find that special someone to have sex with, the next obstacle was to find a place to have sex. Now fast forward to the future, you mean to tell me that now that were adults and have the means to provide for ourselves and afford a place to live, to have our privacy, we can't have sex with our girlfriend or wife in our house? LOL! That's funny to me.  Look let me help you out here. You can grab a pen and pad if you like for this part.   The key to maintaining a healthy sex life is communicating, and making sex a priority. I find that as we get older we make everything else more important then sex. Work, money, kids, fatigue and whatever excuse that makes you not want to have sex.  As teen-agers, we worked to have sex, we wanted money to impress the girl so that she can have sex with us, we wanted that car to get sex, everything we did was to get sex, now it's the opposite. The car, the money, our jobs, makes us to tired to have sex.  Yeah right.  Look it's like this, treat your girlfriend or your wife like as if it's the first time that you met her.  Think about that for a second.  When you first met the person that you are with right now, how did you treat her?  You hung to her every word, gave compliments, laughed at her jokes, went on dates, and when you went on dates, you made out for hours and hours.  That the trick, to keep your sex life alive, and exciting, always treat your girl like as if you just met her.   Have make out sessions, feel her up, but don't have sex.  Just start having fun, laugh, and kiss, stop all the kisses on the chicks, give her a wet kiss on the mouth, and live her there. That's all I'm gone say for now. For now just try that, and I bet you, you will be having sex on a regular basis again.

Okay I'm out like Albert Pujols.

David P


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