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Ryze & Shyne

Sep 30th 2010 at 3:23 PM
If you're interested in seeing the full RyzeTv documentary, just click here.

The "P" in Plan is for Preparation: - Never "P"rocrastinate. The key to success is preparing for the steps you have to take to achieve your goals. Once you have a plan begin preparing to take the proper steps in pursuit of that plan. The "P" in Plan is for Pursue: - After you've made the proper preparations, begin pursuing your goal step by step. I always say, "Plan from A to Z, because even if A through C don't work, D might and that could open the door for the rest to fall into place." Never give up. You might not see any progress until you reach Plan Z but then Plan Z could be the right amount of funds or connections you needed in order to try pursuing Plans A through Y again and succeed. The "P" in Plan is for Persistence: - Without persistence there is no success. You have to want to succeed so bad you wont stop at NOTHING. You must want success like you want a breath of fresh air...

If you're interested in seeing the full RyzeTv documentary, just click here.

The 5 "P's": - Proper Planning Prevents Poor Progression. There will always be an obstacle: - For all of those who has followed RyzeTv on YouTube, you may have noticed that there hasn't been any updates in a while. This is because our camera is down. So I will update you right now to what's been going on up until this point. The last videos uploaded on our Channel was on Zin's night at his job. You've seen me at my AM New York job but since then I've quit and tried to focus more on our Store Booth because with Zin's job schedule constantly changing and my supervisor giving me more and more overtime everyday, there wasn't enough attention on energy being put into our own business's success. I decided that since Zin has more immediate responsibilities to take care of, I was probably the one in the better position to take the risk of leaving the security of my job. It's been two weeks since my resignation and I'm beginning to get the fear that I may have made the wrong decision because business at the booth just isn't consistent enough and there seems to always be something that needs money. The bills are coming up. The rent for the business is coming up and for our apartment and we don't have ANYTHING but my last check from AM New York and Zin's... What are we to do? This is a terrifying situation to be in because nobody wants to have to go backwards after taking a major step forward, it's very discouraging. I'm trying my best as the more business orientated of my brother and I, to come up with the best solution because I refuse to give up or fail. So lately I've been working on the establishment and marketing of an online store and blogs trying to generate more publicity to the booth, the online store and RyzeTv in general, hoping to gain the attention of some sponsors or investors. Plan and pursue Plans A through Z and something has to give eventually..... I say all of that to say this; I'm absolutely terrified of what's to come if things to work out soon because we put so much into just this booth alone and it was a big risk knowing that hustling the waters could have landed us in some serious trouble, spending our last on the booth when we had more immediate things to take care of or just the belief we put into it, hoping it would help us get a step closer to Ryzing our families out of poverty. It would be so devastating to watch it all crumble in only a matter of a month.. But we will not give up because we expected things to not always go quite as planned based on testimonies from those who have succeeded but been through hell first and I want anyone viewing our videos or following us on Facebook or our blogs to understand the same thing and stand just as firm to goals. However Zin and I's current journey turn out, we will only have gotten stronger and wiser and you will see us pursue something else... Because we will not retreat from our mission to Ryze....

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