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Rewire Your Mind And Reach Your Whole Potential.

Mar 25th 2011 at 10:07 AM

It is stated we use fewer than 10% of the power of our brains in the course of daily life. Even the most talented amongst us rarely use more than this. Imagine what our world would be like if we were able to boost our mental capacity by just a few %.It is often claimed that as a species we use lower than 10% of our mental ability, Perhaps we're only a small fraction of the species we are going to become one day, and it is hard to imagine that if we only use 10% of our possible brain power now what we would be like and capable of if we used just 20-30% even.

The brain is a vast network of neuro pathways in which 1000s of messages are sent every second. Because of it's complicated structure no two people are alike, and over the course of our lives our brains grow and develop, pick up patterns of thinking which become normal to us, and possibly help us to do a wide range of tasks on auto-pilot.Our mind is a limiteless physical structure of neuro-pathways that are used continually to send 1000s of messages to all areas of our bodies. As we progress through life it stores many of the tasks we do every day so we can carry them out almost effortlessly. In the same way we also store patterns of thinking and self beliefs.

Our brains are unique, every one of us is different, and as we grow and learn things we all progress slightly differently. We are all different, and perhaps some of us receive positive reinforcement in school and go on to do well academically. Others experience constructive feedback as a result of their sporting performance and then continue on to excel athletically - along the way developing the perfect mindset and patterns of thinking required for sports success.

Others may unfortunately receive negative feedback - being told they are no good at something, or that they will never become successful in a certain area. Just as our brains store positive feedback and reactions and shape our lives, they do the same with negative feedback too. Our minds store this feedback and our behaviour changes and we do not meet our real potential. This is a pinch of self sabotage, but mainly a safety mechanism - to protect ourselves from further negative comments, feelings and inner thoughts.

As we grow into adults these patterns of behavior and self beliefs become a firm portion of our personality, of who we are, essentially they stop us from achieving our full potential. However, you can break these habits and ways of thinking if you desperately want to.


Subliminals target your restricting beliefs, gradually break them down, and replace them for positive ones. Because they access your subconscious mind they can make changes where other regular methods of development fall short, and without you being aware of them the subliminal messages gradually rewire your mind for the better.

Subliminal messaging has nearly limitless possibilities, from enhancing your capability to think positive and to boosting your social skills.

Imagine if you were free from negative self perceptions, if you were blessed with a healthy abundance of self confidence, imagine how much more you would be able to achieve.

All of this and more is possible - you can use subliminal audio to rewire your mind and design your life in lots of different ways, and if you are new to this then why don't you begin today 100 % free:

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Mar 26th 2011 at 2:29 PM by Jazey
A good read, I totally agree in that what ever you say to yourself is true in that if you have a bunch of affirmations it can have a profound effect our your self... Am I touching the baseline here? Anyway good read...

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