Resistance is Just Focusing on Nonsence

Oct 13th 2010 at 9:18 AM

Good Morning to all those visiting and reading these micro lessons on personal development. Today I have a special share for as I build Home Based Businesses with others for a living , I can’t help but notice and focus on some interesting things as I become aware of them.

I became aware yesterday of how important it is to not get hung up on the ignorant comments of others. Sometimes people that are influential in your business or on your path allow their Ego to broadcast messages that ultimately, if you allow them to, create resistance. It is through awareness of the behavioral patterns of those individuals that they lose the power to have any effect on you. In fact, as you become aware, you can isolate their comments in your life as nonsence. When you accomplish this they cannot create resistance but actually begin to serve you in the elevation of your awareness and presence to the here and now.

So if you have someone who is a person whom you felt as important to your life  on on your path of growth, take only what serves you from their commentary or guidance. It is your focus of energy and thought that gives their guidance meaning. You get to choose the impact they have on your life.

So choose wisely on the focus of what people are saying around you as this is the first step in taking responsibility to a level where YOU have control and THEY DO NOT. Focus on the good that these individuals bring into your life not the crap that they ignorantly bring to the table. There is greatness in many of my mentors yet sometimes they choose to play EGO and then, well when ego controls the situation they bring crap. So choose not to focus on crap and then for sure you will notice resistance to what you are truely after falling by the wayside.

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