Red Hat Linux Outlook for Professionals

Jan 19th 2015 at 9:13 PM

Oftenly, aspiring professionals wonder why Red Hat Linux is better than the rest. There are many reasons why this flavor of Linux is the front running server operating system in the market. The following information discusses the same.

Red Hat Linux vs. Other Linux Distributions

Red Hat Linux offers numerous benefits compared to other Linux distributions.

· Ease of installation – Red Hat Linux installation is easy compared to others. Every other distribution has its own way of being installed. The sequences to install and deploy the operating system differ. But in the case of the Red Hat distribution, administrators can choose between a graphical, text-based, or automatic installation.

· Graphical administration tools - Even if other distributions provide graphical administration tools, this one provides the largest number of such tools. Distributions such as SuSE or Caldera Open Linux use a single centralized tool. But in the case of the Red Hat flavor, it is distributed and decentralized.

· Support – Distributions that are commercially marketed have limited customer support duration. Some distributions, such as Debian, don’t even have this facility. So someone thinking of taking up web server training in Red Hat Linux can heave a sigh of relief. This distribution has numerous CD ROMs for support.

· Software management tools – The Red Hat distribution utilizes the Package Manager for software management. This software management tool is user friendly.

Linux tips that every administrator should know

Some of the best skills are gained through experiential training. The following are some of those.

· Check processes not started by you

There could be user processes destroying precious CPU time. So a Linux system administrators will learn how to identify processes to terminate so that the load is taken off the server.

· Defragmenting databases

Databases lose their performance whenever the structure changes. The optimiser is run to nullify this effect whenever a change is made. Regular defragmentation of databases improves database performance.

· Parallelizing build process

In a multiprocessor system, taking parallel builds saves time than taking serial builds. An aspiring system administrator can learn this technique and more such techniques at a training institute.

Career outlook for Linux professionals

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that system administrators earned a median wage of $70,000 annually. This is higher than the median wage of several other professions. Also, Linux professionals are seldom part-time, contract, or telecommuting employees. They are required full-time and are on the company’s payrolls. Till 2020, the number of jobs in this sector will grow at a whopping 27%. The future is ripe with opportunities for those willing to take a Red Hat training in Delhi to enter into a job market that is incessantly creating new frontiers.


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