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Quest for Clarity about 2012

Jan 5th 2012 at 3:48 AM


2012 – start of a new age, end of the world or just another year of struggling to survive? What a maze of info on the net about 2012! Getting some clarity on the issue is no easy task, especially not for people who just start looking for soul food.

I reckon I’m privileged to have been born on earth at this exciting time. Nearly three quarters of a century filled to the brim with stimulating and thrilling experiences and now, to top it all, the move of Mother Earth and all her children into a higher dimension, what more can a soul wish for? Sure, it wasn’t always moonshine and roses, far from it, but the loving protection from All that Is has forever kept me from harm and from straying too far.

No, I’m not channeling, am no psychic, don’t have visions or ascension experiences and don’t know how to meditate in the conventional way. Fact is, however, that I’ve received divine guidance through all of my life, even though I didn’t always recognize it as such. But that is another story.

So far I have been discussing worldly stuff. As from now I’ll write about spiritual things for those searching souls who are overwhelmed by the mass of spiritual in- and DIS-information on the net, those who stand at the crossroad asking: which way now?

The ONLY TRUE answer to the question of which way to turn comes by asking it

From my experience I can vouch for the truth of the words : Ask and it shall be given to you. Of course you can ask other humans. Will you be given the Truth, the Light?

The Lord says I AM the Way, I AM the light.

Who is I AM ? It’s You.

Where is I AM? You, the God spark WITHIN You. You INSIDE of yourself.

But isn’t this blasphemy? Who says that? If if you say it, you would be denying the Creator Force.

Other people? Christ was crucified because he said: I am the light of the world

And He who only spoke the Truth said: streams of living water will flow from WITHIN those who believe in him.

The true answers to your questions thus come from WITHIN you, the I AM in you.

Everything that is, was and is created by God. We humans were created in His image. Thus all of us are His children and have the god-spark within us. It’s part of our make-up, our DNA. Therefore we do not need to look outside for answers to our questions. We can access them inside of us. We do not need to rely on any so called “teachers”, since Christ has freed us from the bondage of those who tried and still try to enslave us. In Christ we have true freedom.

Once you have accessed the god-spark, the Holy Spirit within you, the river grows and grows and grows until it breaks over its banks and becomes streams of living waters flowing from within.

The final decision about your freedom, however, is yours. You have the choice. The god-spark within you is just waiting for your decision. How will you decide today? Will you choose true spiritual freedom or is your prison cell still comfortable enough?

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