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Oct 29th 2010 at 11:55 PM



Dear Rose,
At the ambrosial hour, you open your eye-lids to greet the early morning breeze. Rose, you are the sublime flower. You are the harbinger of fine values of life. You are the carrier of truth. You are the true manifestation of divinity in Nature. Nay, you are the God’s handwriting.
Rose, arouse your self and assume a different role. Stir your petals and activate your cells. Tune your mind to the contemporary problem. O Rose! The youth needs guidance and direction from you. Ask our youth “Where are you heading towards O children?”
Rose, do you know that our youth has fallen prey to pernicious habits of drug addiction and drinking? Our children are losing direction in life. They have taken the path of indiscipline and chaos. In the name of being called modern, they take drugs, waste time in bars and spend hard-earned money of their parents on buying expensive fashionable clothes.
O Rose! Tell our youth to imbibe the spirit of Nationalism, tell our youth about the great sacrifices made by Subhash Bose, Lala Hardyal, Baba Gurdit Singh, Bhagat Singh and Lala Lajpat Rai for the sake of our country.
O Rose! Tell out youth about the known and unknown martyrs of Jallian wala Bagh. Tell our youth that the solidarity of our country is our first concern. India is the orchestra of our ambitious aspirations and hopes. The breeze from the Himalayas and the ocean waves at KanyaKumari whisper music of harmony and understanding. Let discipline, co-operation and hard work be our creed.
O Rose! Tell our youth to keep away from drugs. Teenager students freak out on mandrax, LSD and Brown Sugar. This is dangerous, almost suicidal. The ‘Kick’ from these drugs may cause euphoria but it ruins the health. These drugs take hold of a patients mind. Let youth have better outlets for their pent-up energies. Sports, Drama and Literature provide healthy and decent entertainment.
O Rose! Impress upon youth to adopt the habit of punctuality. Time is a golden treasure. The simplest way to success is the proper management of time. Our youth should not fritter away precious time on meaningless activities. Gossip, aimless wandering and procrastination cut the rope of success. In this highly competitive world, there is only the survival of the fittest. The lazy and lethargic young men and women have no place in the mainstream of a nation’s life.
O Rose! Tell out youth that the courage is the quality which adds steel to one’s character. Courage is the energy which rises to meet all difficulties in life. All the great work of the world has been accomplished by courage. Our youth should have courage of conviction. They should hold fast to values of truth and Non-violence.
O Rose! Tell our youth to develop sympathy for others. Sympathy disarms resistance, melts the hardest heart, and develops the better part of human nature. “Love one another” contains a gospel sufficient to renovate the world. Sympathy and benevolence are twice-blessed, blessing both giver and receiver.
O Rose! Implore our youth to show heroism in well doing. Let out youth develop strength and force to accomplish noble tasks. Let our youth have the courage to do right thing in the face of tough opposition. It was the heroism that prompted Gandhiji to fight British Imperialism and Rani Jhansi to raise the banner of revolt against the forces of tyranny. It was the same heroism that spurred brave Abdul Hamid on to destroy enemy tanks.
O Rose! Tell our youth to remember these words of Swami Vivekananda “What our country now wants are muscles of iron and nerves of steel- gigantic wills which nothing can resist..”
O Rose! It is the time to tell our youth that hatred, pride and violence are wrong and self-effacement, self-abnegation and service are right.
O Rose! Tell out youth to remember that politeness and courtesy are the hallmark of gentleman. Good manners and polished behavior adorn the personality of any cultured person.
O Rose! Tell our youth to stand against racial Discrimination and Casteism. Let them remember that all human beings are equal. The policy of Apartheid is causing much harm to the blacks in South Africa. Our youth should carry the message of goodwill to all the corners of the world.

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