Personal Conduct & Social Networking: Don't Be Angry....

Dec 8th 2010 at 11:06 AM

Social networking is a great way to market and Promote any program or product that you are trying to earn some money from. It works out great because you have multiple platforms from which you can spread the word about what your promoting. Many times people are less formal, while social networking and you have a great opportunity to sell your Products or services and if your product is good, it could spread like wild fire.

Social network marketing can also open you up to harsh words, nay-sayers and generally, mean people. If you are a member of a social network that is populated with a lot of marketers, you have another set of issues to deal with. Here are a few things to remember when marketing, and especially when marketing on social networks. Avoid coming across as ‘angry’, it turns people off. I have seen people get angry and alienate much of their network.

Following are a few things that if remembered can help you keep your cool.

1. It takes all kinds of people - Understand that everyone is not as ethical, kind or honest as you are. I see this a lot: Marketer 1 and 2 agree to sign up for each others’ programs. Marketer 1 keeps his word, signs up and notifies Marketer 2. Marketer 2 never responds and you notice that he never shows up in your downline. This would make any one angry because some one was dishonest and you held up your part of the deal. As angry as you may get, refrain from sending anything more than a friendly reminder, explaining that you performed as you both agreed and that it would be appreciated if they would do the same. If they still fail to follow through, write it off as a loss and make a note that the person is less than honest. Don’t go on a mission to destroy the person’s reputation, but feel free to share your experience if some one else in your network is planning on doing business with the same person.

2. Give the Benefit of the doubt – promoting, marketing and selling online is an activity that attracts all kinds. There are some people that making a living online, others signed up and forgot about ‘it’ til now, some market and promote when they think of it and still, others go through cycles of high activity – low activity. With this in mind, ‘that guy’ that said he would check out your product, service or email, may not have done so because he has not checked his email for the last 3 days! Don’t take it personal, he may have been working over-time, had family events or anything. Remember that every one is not on the Internet all day like you may be. People have lives away from the Internet and the Cyber-world! If you feel your not getting appropriate responses in ample time, then it’s time to move on. Don’t automatically assume the person is brushing you off!

3. Everyone WILL NOT like what your promoting - Everything is not for everyone. The affiliate program that you are earning money from may not work as well for the next person. Don’t get angry when someone shares a negative experience they had with a product, service or program you are promoting. Try to understand their issue, learn from their experience and if your knowledgeable enough about what your promoting, offer some suggestions about how others can avoid the same negative experience. If you can offer a solution to the problem or issue you will probably make some sales or get some new referrals.

4. You get back what you give out – If you never sign up for any programs, buy any products or become known within your network, don’t expect tons of people to be signing up or buying from you. I don’t mean that everything is tit-for-tat, but people buy from people and businesses they ‘like’!. Add to the discussion, join an associates program or buy something you can afford. It goes a long way. If you don’t do these things sometimes, don’t be upset when your promotions are over-looked for the guy that participates in the community.

Bottom-line: What ever you are selling or promoting, you are interacting with people and their various psychologies! Most of the ‘good’ social rules we tend to follow, translate online as well.

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Feb 15th 2011 at 9:48 PM by Davrin
Hi Breezo, very informative, well written and useful article. Thanks for sharing it! ~ David, CA.
Dec 27th 2010 at 11:36 AM by Demax
Hey Breeezo, Nice article, very positive and informative. keep it coming brother, KEEP IT COMING!!

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