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Paraplegic teaches success(inspiring story)

Oct 19th 2010 at 10:02 AM

MAN it so good to finally be back in to some kind of routine.  If you have seen my posts you know for about 2 months me and my family have been selling a home and moving.  If any of you have done this I am sure you will agree with this next statement that I thin I would rather have a root cannel with no novocain then have to move  ;( BUT it is done and I now I can reap the rewards of some relaxation.  As much as I hated it our moving in order to finish I had to go thought the process of packing,sorting,pulling and lifting to get to where I wanted.  Everything has a process you do has some sort of process we must go thought to get what we want or to go where we want to go. Success is no different.  To be successful at anything you must have a process or a routine.  Yes this will be filled with all kinds of things that we HATE doing,BUT it must be done. How bad do you want it.  Playing and instrument, Football players,singers,actors,Gymnasts,dancers or my wife's favorite Losing weight these all have a routine you will have to follow in order to be good and to become successful. Could you imagine how spoiled we would be if we just got what we wanted just by wanting it. American Idol would be ruined!;) No more Bad singers to laugh at. Everyone could sing. No voting no winners. Just good singers because everyone wanted to sing. Not only would we be spoiled you could never appreciate anything. Why,there was no effort,no work,no commitment.  You just got what you wanted when you wanted. The rewards just wouldn't seem so rewarding. Now once again I wish I could have just thought I wanted to be moved and it was done, I would not have minded that at all. I even tried sitting and wishing for it all to be done. How does that old saying go Wish in one hand...;) well we Know how the rest goes and had I followed that we know what I would have got. ANYHOW to the steps;) These steps apply to network marketing routine. ROUTINE being the key word. Everything you do has to have a routine and process for you to follow or it will never work.

 1. Commit and follow through - Want to walk? take a step take step then keep going. See what it is that you have to do commit to the process and DON'T QUIT

 2. Patience - Rome was not built in a day. One of the biggest problems again is we all want what we want NOW. Be patient learn and grow. When we are patient in going through your routine you can then go  back after succeeding and help others who may be striving to get where you are. There is no Greater reward then helping other people succeed. A well lived life is one in which you help others live a good life as well. It takes patience but it's the best way to measure success.

 3. Taking responsibility - If you fall down don't blame the shoes,your legs or the rock that tripped you up. Get up take your lumps  and try again. Be responsible for your results your actions are getting. If you don't like them change your approach. Whatever you do DON'T QUIT or you'll be left laying on the ground. There is no such thing as failure only early attempts at success;) Be responsible and KEEP GOING!

4. Indentify your goals - If you don't know where the finish line is you probably won't run. Always know what it is you want to accomplish then measure your results daily. You can't go anywhere if don't know where you are going. You will end up in a circle. 

5. Indentifying why's- We have all heard this I am sure over and over again WHY do you want what you want. Why do you want to lose weight? Why do you want a new job? My why for everything has been my Family. Everything I do is for them. What's your WHY? If your why doesn't make you cry think of another one.

6. How bad you want it - I don't care what it is if you want it bad enough you'll climb mountains to get it. I bet we can all think of something in our past that we went above and beyond to get. The amount of sacrifice you are willing to make will almost always dictate your amount of success.

Success in anything is simple, you just have to want it commit to the process THEN GO GET IT! You don't have to buy it,pay for it,look for it or ask for it just decide commit and go get it. It's not always easy,actually it's probably always going to be a pain in the ass but I have always learned the harder the process the Greater the reward. Let me tell you an incredible story that will inspire you and tells you how implying all those steps helped this Young man in this story Succeed. During a high school football game a young man who was in his junior year was running his way not only to another touchdown but to a football scholarship of his choice. Midway downfield this young man ducked down to miss a defender and they end up going head to head. Both boys and the football went to the to the ground. The defender got up and walked away as the whistle was blown,the other boy did not move. The head to head tackle had damaged the boys neck and some vertebrae in his back. He could not walk. After an examination at the hospital the doctors said the whole left side of his body would be paralyzed and he would not walk again. The young man and his family were devastated BUT the young man was not defeated. He decided right then and there this was not the end. So when he started his physical therapy he boldly stated " I WILL NOT BE DENIED" He told his therapist,doctors and family I will walk again,I will leave this hospital on my own to feet. Therapy was painful,HE NEVER QUIT. Day after day he fell but got back up, HE NEVER QUIT. Doctors and nurses watched, eyes filled with tears and doubt, but HE NEVER QUIT. 6 months later with the help a cane to everyone's disbelief that young man walked out of the hospital. A few months after that on his own that young man walked out on the football field at his high school homecoming football game to a standing ovation. He now attends college. He still needs a cane but he is on his own 2 feet. He COMMITTED AND FOLLOWED THROUGH, Had PATIENCE when times were tough, Took RESPONSIBILITY if he fell over then got back up, Knew what his GOAL was,Knew WHY he was doing what he was doing, He would NOT BE DENIED, he knew how bad he wanted it and NEVER GAVE UP! Success is only as hard as you make it. Figure out what you want and GO GET IT;) Hope this helps and inspires as it did me. God Bless Guys Hope your day is AWESOME!!

Sincerly, Brad Gardner aka oposit

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