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Opportunity Doesn’t Knock Only Once It Returns

Jun 19th 2013 at 1:04 PM

Opportunity doesn't knock only once, it returns again and again.  It's up to you to recognize when it returns and take action

Your choices create your future

As long as there will Come another Day so there will come another Opportunity


Time has a way of returning opportunity to you again.  A once missed or passed opportunity has a way of presenting opportunity your way again.  So there is really no such thing as a missed for all time opportunity that will never return because opportunity does return.

But because of how some people think, returning opportunities are not recognizes.


Opportunities are endless and they will return again and again.

Most likely it will not be the exact same opportunity as the previous, but it will be a similar. But it is very important that you pay attention and   be prepared for another opportunity to come your way in life.


Time is most Valuable

Don't waste it!

Each Day is a New Start a clean canvas.......

so use it wisely

Don't spend your time and energy on activities that don't move you toward your goals.  Stay Focused. Only spend time on what's most important. Choose wisely.

Each day you have the choice to continue growing and developing yourself into the type of person you were designed to be......... personal growth and personal improvement is vital to your making that transition.

Continue to educate your mind and grow .

Be a student of life be open to change and many opportunities will come your way.

You don't Know what you don't Know.

There is always some information that you have never been exposed to therefore be opened minded to learn knew information.

Some people think they know it all, but they really don't.

Some know they don't know and some people are clueless and others are just Idiots.

It is important that we continue to educate our mind.  Stay out of mental darkness, only ignorance exist there.

So get informed and educate the mind. Get in the habit of reading health positive information regularly. It keeps the mind in shape and active. It also helps to keep the mind open to opportunity.

Embrace personal growth it empowers the mind to think creatively.

The mind is a magnificent marvel...... so don't waste the minds power.

Your mind can elevate you to heights of greatness or reduce you to the lowest pits of existence.

The Choice is all yours.

What you choose to do with your minds potential will  greatly determine the results you get in life.

Educating the mind is vital.

If you think education is expensive...... try's very costly.

You and your life is a product of your thoughts

If you Can Dream it, You Can Do it

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