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One Brain For Sale - Condition: Used

Oct 23rd 2010 at 10:12 PM

In 1990 my new husband and I decided it would be a great idea to buy a boat to live on. So what if we didn't know much about boating and so what if we both had the tendency to get sea sick in rough water. And so what if my father said "the definition of a boat is a hole in the water in which to pour money into." We wanted a boat! We didn't know squat about being boat owners but as penny-pinching newlyweds, we were willing to learn along the way.

We found a neat little 11-year-old 32 foot Bayliner Cruiser that fell within our current means and provided a place to hang our hats. Now having very limited knowledge of the history that our floating home had weathered, we really hadn't suspected any of the hidden surprises that awaited us. From creaks and cracks, unfortunate ejecting propellers and stinky bilge pumps, learning the hard way where the only surface rock in the bay was, and getting by on one working engine without spinning in circles, we found ourselves in a world of repairing and compensating in order to maintain integrity, balance, and the ability to stay afloat. This is very much the same situation that we find ourselves in as adults when we suddenly realize that we're leasing a pre-used brain.

In order to master the mind, it is essential that you understand some underlying concepts of how it operates. The human brain's concern with survival is to keep all our operating systems balanced and make quick chemical adjustments in order to react to potential dangerous situations. Our mind, the intangible component of it's physical counterpart, maintains the quality of our survival and works to keep our life predictable and comfortable by supporting and defending all of the unconsciously collected agreements we have ever purposefully created or passively accepted from external sources. With regards to the sub-conscious, which is our reactive, feeling mind, this boils down to equating survival with the need to be right in all held beliefs. And it will go to great lengths to defend those beliefs even if it means going against the conscious mind's currently perceived logic.

We will often find this to be the big block to making important changes in our adult lives. Unfortunately since our initial programming is through the default of our childhood experiences and upbringing (i.e. the previous owner was your younger self) we don't have the luxury of starting our adult lives with a brand new scratch-free, latest model biocomputer. We get to have the fun of figuring out all of the bugs in the pre-loaded programming, which can sometimes take years and a small fortune to reboot the darn thing.

What was that about pouring money into a hole in the water?

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Oct 28th 2010 at 9:21 AM by igytomas
Hi Heather, Well said and clever comparison :) I agree, we cannot easily reboot our pre-programmed brains. But I believe, that with some work and new input we can re-program it, not a simple task though. And it takes time, effort and persistence too. I do work on mine now :)
Oct 27th 2010 at 9:25 AM by GTBulmer
Hello, Heather: Great article! I like the lead-in and the insightful look into the workings of our brain and our mind.

Now I know who to blame for all of my life's foibles: the previous owner of this inadequately used and badly abused brain! GT :-)
Oct 27th 2010 at 5:48 AM by caballo
Well written. Good to meet you. Used to live on boat,lol

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