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Not Another Gay Christian Article

Jan 19th 2011 at 12:28 PM

This piece was originally published b me, on the Yahoo! Contributor Network, September 10th, 2009.

Being neither Gay nor Christian, a recent experience of two articles recently published between two of my fellow web writers, struck up my attention. Firstly, because I'm drawn to watching a train wreck like a moth to a flame, but also because it was an opportunity to open my big mouth and possibly lead others to my pages as well with an attempt at making a 'cool comment.' This particular gay Christian article debate caught the attention of many mutual and new readers alike.

These two articles covering the subject of being Gay and/or Christian were both well enough pieces in their own 'writes' as far as spelling, flow, and the obvious lack of typos. So my editorial here isn't a critique of any sort of either piece. And seeing as how I had no dog in this fight I still don't want to take a side since, as mentioned in my first comment of five (or six maybe) left on Gay Christian Article number two, "We can't all be right but we sure can all be wrong (hear me out)."

The two pieces referenced here today are quite able to stand on their own, as are the authors, so this author is opting to say no names. I'd imagine one, or maybe even both, might wish it would just go away, but, for those of you who will want to look for yourself the links will be listed within the sources as Gay Christian article number 1 and Gay Christian article number 2.

And also, as an aside to my gay friends, my Christian friends, my gay Christian friends, my straight non-christian friends, or even my completely out-of-luck agnostic friends, this work today is not intended to slight any group, nor hurt anymore feelings than have been already...but it's early.

I just found the whole thing was so fun to read...sort of. I'm only adding a touch of commentary since, Gay Christian article number 1 didn't (at the time) express a desire to hear from the peanut gallery (I'm paraphrasing...and I am a peanut gallery of one so...). Article number two let me place a couple thoughts but to have jabbered on would have been rude.

Having both been a Christian in times past, and an active black lesbian trapped in a white man's body currently, I feel I've a unique perspective to share a few thoughts on this subject in particular. So, dear reader, here we are at an opportunity to share some thoughts with my friends, and with such a convoluted and deeply emotional subject, I can only hope it's fun:

Gay Christian Article Debate Comment from the one-man peanut gallery number one: I could be wrong. But it just seems like both church devotees and members of the LGBT community would take up for each other instead of bashing each other. Aren't they both picked on daily? Haven't folks, all too often, been wrongly fired from jobs, or otherwise hassled, even murdered, because they belonged to either group? I might just be reading too much into it but it sure seems more like an opportunity for individuals within both communities to make some real good friends. More friends to watch your back, is more friends to watch your back, after all.

Gay Christian Article Debate Comment from the one-man peanut gallery number two: Christians are having fun trying to comprehend a book that was written in three or four ancient languages, and that has been through at least five slightly off-pitch mistranslations from about 6000 to 8000 years ago, while the other group is having fun mixing and matching all the different ways the assemblages and parts go together. I guess I can see where both groups could remain devoted.

As of this publishing the Christians haven't made much more progress at understanding that book than any two gay people have managed to make a baby together. So both groups are at least as equally inept at what they do.

Gay Christian Article Debate Comment from the one-man peanut gallery number three: Somewhere in Bangladesh, some local who finds native English a challenge, is wondering why happy people and Christians are disagreeing and why aren't all churchgoers gay?

Gay Christian Article Debate Comment from the one-man peanut gallery number four: There should never be a US constitutional amendment restricting the pursuit of happiness of either group anymore than the other ever, for any reason, whatsoever. If Christians can impose their religious beliefs on gay people restricting them from marrying other gay people then Christians should be restricted from talking about religion with other Christians. Just seems fair.

It's what each group likes to do. Right?

Gay Christian Article Debate Comment from the one-man peanut gallery number five: If actively homosexual people want to tell the church they have to break their own internal rule book and allow them into their ministries then missionaries should be welcome at gay bars. Also just seems fair. If one person of the LGBT community doesn't like how a church believes they should just go start their own church. Grow up. Spit the binky out. Start your own church. Why are you telling someone else how they should worship either? I started my own church. You can too.

And if an evangelist doesn't like a gay bar's rules then they should start their own gay bar.

Gay Christian Article Debate Comment from the one-man peanut gallery number six: I think that I shall always appreciate the gay soldier/cop/firefighter/paramedic pulling my mother out of her car wreck gingerly as I always will the Christian ones too. And there are times also when Jesus would probably tell individuals from either of these groups to "Behave!" And then he'd punch 'em in the shoulder like an assertive friend wanting to make his point.

Gay Christian Article Debate Comment from the one-man peanut gallery number seven: Not only are there Gay and Christians alike that I admire and love, there are also Christians and Gays that I hate with an egg-shaped, purple, fuzzy passion. Right now, individuals I've met of both communities, are running about 50/50 as for how good they are to deal with...but all of that may just be my perception. The percentages could be lower for either and I'm just not aware of it.


Gay Christian Article number 1
Gay Christian Article number 2

Please to comment
Jan 24th 2011 at 5:14 AM by nostate
I tried to. Sometimes my "funny" is broken.
Jan 24th 2011 at 4:36 AM by jennysue19
Nice to see someone treating this subject with humour and without the hysteria and stupidity it usually evokes.

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