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Neuroday - Amazing Brain Boosting Formula

Dec 6th 2015 at 11:17 PM

The traumatic experiences you have in life are the results of your evilness. Neuroday you'll be surprised with this truth, but everything bad that happens to you could be a consequence of your evilness. This evilness is not visible to your eyes, even though you'll be able to distinguish it sometimes.

For example, if you were in a war, your PTSD is punishing your conscience as a result of you agreed with the idea to kill different kinsfolk. The reason why you decided to become a murderer does not matter. What matters is the very fact that you just accepted to become a murderer and kill alternative individuals, without showing compassion. This was a crazy and cruel call.

You have in mind the actual fact that you were protecting your country and your folks. Neuroday you think that you are a national hero. However, God believes that you're a cruel demon and you must be punished till you will feel pain in your heart, so as to understand the that means of your actions.

God believes that you should not believe that your individuals are better than alternative individuals. You shouldn't consider the impositions of the barbarous trendy civilization. Neuroday you had to be an exception.

This is why He sends you nightmares that remind you the painful and unbearable things that resulted from your violence, as a result of you agreed to kill alternative individuals during a war. Neuroday improve your memory power and eliminate the brain fog.

You shouldn't consider this technique to resolve political problems. You mustn't be proud as a result of you decided to become a cruel soldier.

Of course, you're part of your historical time and you're thinking that based on the factors of the present civilization. You ignore the fact that there's a demon in your brain. You think that you are a victim of an unfair system, or an unfair destiny.

You don't know that you're not very human which your conscience is solely a template created by God to indicate you ways your anti-conscience must work.

Your little human conscience is idiotic and underdeveloped. You've got to develop your conscience by eliminating your satanic anti-conscience through consciousness. Your dreams facilitate your achieve this goal.

When you'll understand your mistakes and you may correct your behavior, you'll stop having to remember the past.

For example, several individuals tell me that their dreams don't allow them to forget their ex, whereas they are creating so many efforts to forget her or him. They believe that the fact that their dreams are reminding them the person they love works against them.

However, the $64000 reason why they remember their ex-girlfriend or boyfriend is because they did not understand their mistakes and they are trying for someone else who has the identical temperament traits, and makes the same mistakes their ex used to create.

They have to understand that a person like their ex cannot build them happy. On the other hand, they have to learn the way to be indifferent to similar to the person they love as a result of this person doesn't love them. They must see all their mistakes and defects and stop needing to be with them.

Instead of repressing their feelings, they have to prevent needing to be with the wrong person. They must learn how to spot the perfect partner for them rather than looking for a partner who can never build them happy.

All dreams give you a great many important lessons, helping you become a lot of intelligent and sensitive, whereas you eliminate your dangerous wild nature.

If you have nightmares regarding traumatic experiences this suggests that you didn't perceive the lessons you must have understood. These lessons should facilitate your become more sensitive.

Several people become angry with their nightmares because they cannot sleep, however the very fact that they have nightmares results from their mistakes. Nightmares are alarms.  >>>

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