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Need More Control.....Learn to Manage Your Time Better

Sep 26th 2011 at 9:55 AM

Improving Time Management Reduces Stress

Improving time management can have a dramatic, positive effect on our lives.  The effective use of time can take us from the frustrated, burned out, unsuccessful failure that often results due to the inappropriate use of our time, into someone with a rich, fulfilling, successful life.  How is this possible?

When we learn the art of improving time management the level of stress in our lives is substantially reduced.  We go from struggling to get anything done, to accomplishing the things that we identify as needing to be done in order to meet specific goals.
Feeling satisfied that our time is well spent is a great stress reducer.

By efficiently using the time we have to do what we know needs to be done we find there is also more time to do what we want to do. Accomplishing meaningful goals in our personal and professional lives and still having quality time to pursue our hobbies and dreams leads to greater personal satisfaction and growth.

We've all accumulated a wealth of knowledge over the years that's often hidden away in our brains, not being used to enhance our personal development. Those people who have developed skills of improving time management find it easier to tap into this knowledge because their behavior isn’t controlled by outside distractions that seem out of their control. 

One of the most important time management skills we can develop is the ability to consciously decide what we will focus on and what we won’t.  Once we’re able to do that all of the past knowledge and experience we’ve accumulated becomes more available to our conscious focus. 

The process of improving time management, once we learn how to take control of our thought processes, involves exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities.  Doing so increases our efficiency and productivity. Involved in this process are a range of tools, techniques and learned skills that allow us to accomplish our individual and business goals.

Some of the most common ways of improving time management involve the following:

  • Reminders based on keeping track of time by clocks and watches.  This can also include the use of computer based time keeping programs that alert a person when a task is due and when it has been accomplished.

  • Goal setting, planning and task preparation using appointment books and calendars.  These can be traditional paper based or computer based.

  • The implementation of digital programs through computers, PDA’s and smart phones that allow the planning, prioritizing and controlling of one’s time to be centralized and automated as much as possible.

Learning to efficiently and proactively use the above tools while looking toward     accomplishing the most important tasks and goals and eliminating behaviors that detract from them.

The benefits derived from improving time management include:

  • Removing stress and anxiety brought on by time wasting behavior,

  • Optimizing positive outcome while reducing overall effort,

  • Differentiate low level routine tasks from important planning and forward looking thought processes,

  • Reinforce behaviors and habits that increase productivity and reduce information overload.

Improving time management is a worthy endeavor for anyone truly interested in climbing the ladder of personal growth and success.  There are many books and programs available to help us learn how to manage and use our time more effectively.  Do your research and find something that will work for you.

Thom Wofford is a Retired R.N. and Clinical Hypnotherapist with a life long interest in Personal Growth and motivation.  To learn more about Personal Growth and time management programs and services visit his Personal Growth Insights website.

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