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Aug 10th 2011 at 10:17 AM

A possible solution to procrastination,when everything else you've tried, just doesn't seem to work!

To succeed in many cases where success just never is achieved, no matter how many attempts, you may need to "deceive" your mind. You may have to resort to trickery.

Unlike subliminals, that work for a while, or sometimes not at all, and produce no long term results,this method would produce the results that the mind would wholly accept AND believe, so you would achieve  exactly what you wanted! By making the most of HEARING, ABSORBING, and BELIEVING, all would be ACCEPTED as obtainable.

There would be no seed of doubt, whatsoever!

"Absorb what is useful, and disregard what is useless." Bruce Lee.

A voice, anothers voice, could create the perfect "illusion" (*c).

(* A Game concept is now in progress using Unity 3D, Iclone4, Blender, Platinum Arts Sandbox using similar untapped techniques!)

By tricking one's mind effectively,  it will carry out and complete set dreams, goals, or objectives

(this is a different ideal, yet has some relation to the afore mentioned game concept "illusion" (c))

as there would be no seed of doubt, whatsoever! This "illusion", would "re-create"  one's  mind, alluding reality, and create total belief  in the "illusion".

Reality must be re-established, after the desired effect has worn off.

Or this "illusion" could effect that person in particular, by causing them to live out the "illusion" or "fantasy", in real time. By this, I mean, the "illusion" could make one whole-heartedly believe his/her "feelings"toward the "voice" are real, and cause the person to live within the "illusion" or "fantasy". Of course this is solely dependant on the subjects prior mental and emotional stability, and the balancible ability to distinguish between realism and fantismal. As some may just be the exception, and be not effected. This I believe is very rare.

The magic is within the "illusion".  Outside of the "illusion",  reality must prevail.


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