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I am a network marketer that is always looking for the perfect online income to advertise and promote. If it is good, and everyone can earn a good income from it, I will promote it.

Motivation changes perception of the physical world.

May 30th 2012 at 5:34 AM

When I get up in the morning the last few weeks, I have had a new set of eyes on how I perceive the world today. It seems as though a dream has carried itself into reality. My emotions are teeming with a new found desire to make life better for everyone I reach out a touch with my presence. As I go though the day pondering what is taking place around me, I begin to understand why there has been so much change. It is in my mind that all around me has brought forth this great inspirational feeling. One that can not be shaken or stirred to make dull again.

A few short months ago, I was at a low in my life. Lost my job, my family falling apart at the seams, bills piling up, bankruptcy papers filed, car falling apart, and my self esteem shattered by events folding in around me. I was devestated. The future held nothing good for me so I thought, but poorly mistaken. The ecomomy as we all know is terrible, I was not alone in this mess. No help was around to assist me in my problems, so I treaded through the last couple of months not doing much of anything. It gave me pleanty of time to ponder just what happened and how to get out of the mess I was in. Not really knowing the what or how to do it, I started to tinker with trying to make something of this computer my wife bought from a school loan which she decided to abandon.

If you have been told and believed that an honest income online was not possible, then for most people, the story would be over. Most who do not succeed with an online income, which are around the 97% catagory, is because they lack the motivation. That is the driving force of the engine that could. Without the drive and desire to succeed, one will never do it. Seek and you shall find. Conquer and it will be conquered. To focus on a mission and see to it that it is accomplished is what I am really trying to say. Most lack this. why? Because they are not truly motivated. Motivation is the driving force for all to succeed. Without it you are lost and without hope, Find it, nurture it, ador it, because it is what makes all things happen for you. Your world will change for the better and all the pieces of the puzzle will come together for you and a clear picture of what you must do comes to light. Take 10 minutes every morning and devote yourself to this thought. Inspire yourself. You will inspire others without knowing you did. The world will be what you make it, not what someone else told you it is.

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