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Modern Day Bibles - TRUTH or FRAUD?

Aug 10th 2011 at 10:57 PM


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25th july 2013 11:09 NZ time.

Hold the boat! I found one better!

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Many of the publishing companies are publishing Bibles and calling them King James versions when in actuality they are not. They are counterfeits.

Because the King James is not in the Publik domain and not copyrighted, these worldy publishing companies think that they can make minor changes to the Standard text so that they can please certain groups, which translates into extra sales for them. That's the way the Modern world operates today.

The bible of our forefathers which we received through process of time comes with 3 specific warning labels. One is near the front, the other is near the middle. and the last one is at the very end.

1) Deutoronomy 4:2

2) Proverbs 30: 5-6

3) Revelations 22:18-19

I (the re-creator of this article) would like to think these worldly publishing companies are just ignorant of the seriousness of what they are doing. However, in some cases, I'm sure that these deceptive maneuveurs are being done with forethought. In other words, they are aware of the warning labels, but choose to ignore them.

The Cambridge bible calls itself the King James bible but is not genuine. It is a counterfeit.

Yahuwah (GOD) wrote the bible through sinful men. He copied the bible through sinful men.Yahuwah (GOD) translated the bible through sinful men and then he purified it through sinful men. If that is the case, then Yahuwah (GOD) gave us

the exact words in the exact order he wanted us to have them in.

And if that's the case, he spelled the words exactly the way he wanted to spell them!

The scriptures have been translated into over 1200 different languages. Of all these, 800 languages had it translated straight from the Elizabethan english of the KJV.

Not from the Hebrew, Aramaic, or OLD Greek. Not from the Latin, or German, but straight from the authorized version.

Now some people have learned English as a second language. They are not familiar with the modern Americanized spelling. Nor are most of the other English speaking peoples of the world.

The Holy Bible is from above and is a finished book. from Yahuwah (GOD). It is written in a pure language. Furthermore, this language is very peculiar and has been used and is still being used in a very unique way. Yahuwah (GOD)  the Father, created the universe somewhere in eternity past, before the existence of time, as we know it.

If Yahuwah (GOD) and all he created and bought into existence is Holy, pure, divine truth, perfect, then (surely), if the Christian statement is true, that his "Opposite" or "opposition",  Satan - his Anti - would create a counterfeit to undermine him...because that's what he does...As the once loved...now hates...fierociously!

"I shall place my throne  high ABOVE the Almighty..."

Could the Modern day Bibles be a part in that counterfeit? As according to the Zionist protocols, false doctrines or accounts were given us, the "GOYIM" or non-Jews, in order to keep us forever blind to Yahuwah's truths...

Could the Aramaic Pershitta be the true unaltered version of both the Old and New Testaments?

How could or would, an individual prove it really is? Perhaps if one went to this site and watched the videos he may just come to the realization, that he is following the wrong, and is in fact on the broad road...NOT the narrow....

25th july 2013 11:09 NZ time.

Hold the boat! I found one better!

====> http://www.v-a.com

go check that 1 out!


"The road to perdition is broad and many are on it...The gate to ..., is narrow and very few find it..." Yahushua (Jesus).

KJV - translated from the Modern Greek, not the OLD,since that language was lost centuries ago, which originally was translated from the Aramaic. That's (possibly) why there is so much Greek mythology and incorrect wording/mistranslation within it.

Modern versions translated from the old Greek were originally, translated from the Aramaic first, not vice versa! Not Aramaic from the modern!

Is this Satan's cleverly crafted way to keep Christians forever separated from Yahuwah (GOD) without them ever realizing it - catching on - he's pulling the wool over their eyes through blind preachers, brainwashing them to  ignore, deny the evidence?

Man is gullible. Weak.

When he is taught something he is often brainwashed into blindly accepting all told him, without the need to check it out for himself - that "The way is the way, and has been for centuries, so will always be that way to preserve it . It's never to be subject to error or correction, by you. I am a man appointed by GOD, you are merely an amateur in all things GOD."

So man goes weak at the knees, and sticks with it until the end...because he is afraid of change. More likely,  he has an "in-put" fear of ridicule, loss of face and singling out from the "in" crowd by his peers. Being cast as a non-conformist, caste, a black sheep is no man's ideal want. Men need socializing and human contact.  They'll go insane without it!

The only way to counter this is to break free from the confines of the absurd,candy coated doctrines, get teachings of the truth directly from Yahuwah (GOD) through the Holy Spirit through prayer, and rigorous study of the true Holy Bible.

Maybe, just maybe, Yahuwah (GOD) doesn't REALLY answer our prayers, we're just "assuming" he does because we want to believe he has....and then we go through a lot of unecessary anguish, and have our moments of doubt and non-blessing because we are in a Church preaching falsified doctrines, forcing us to partake of pagan traditions... because we are not following his true commandments and statutes...

25th july 2013 11:09 NZ time.

Hold the boat! I found one better!

====> http://www.v-a.com


"Yahuwah (GOD) doesn't listen to the prayers of sinners..."








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