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I created "Motivational Mentoring 101". I am a former teacher of incarcerated adolescent male offenders. Experienced in job coaching & job development for ex-offenders. I have mentored many youthful & adult offenders into socially accepted careers.
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Mentoring Troubled Teens in 12 Simple Steps!

Jul 2nd 2010 at 9:25 AM

Mentoring Troubled Teens in 12 Simple Steps!

By Therlon Harris

When Mentoring Troubled Teens you have to remain steadfast in your pursuit of positive reinforcement. Have you considered the amount of negativity in these teens lives? In many cases, the moment they wake until the moment they sleep these children are drowning in caustic friendships, music and television shows. Break the "normal" routine and inject positive outlooks into the troubled lives.

Strategies for Successfully Mentoring Troubled Teens

1) You must have a plan and put your plan into action.

2) Create and encourage opportunities for positive self-expression in your mentee through art, music, dance, etc. Make them feel good about themselves. Focus on the good. If you feel good about yourself you will more than likely feel good about others.

3) Encourage your mentees to help themselves. Limit the amount of help that you provide." I'll help you so much, but then you have to help yourself."

4) Be accepting of what the mentee gives, but always guide them into giving more. Challenge your mentee to learn and instill higher expectations, constantly stretching their self confidence.

5) Mentoring Troubled Teens Strategies for tapping into the students’ potential through self-esteem building. Sell them on their individual talents and potentials.

6) Enter the mentees' world and create projects that relate to them. If your mentee is into rapping for instance, have him or her create raps that teach a new subject." A good rapper can rap about anything!" For example, have them create a rap on some event in history or any academic subject. We have created "Rap Contests" where mentees performed original raps that taught CPR with great success.

7) Find ways to turn every "happening" (trend) into positive learning experiences.

8) Allow and encourage mentee involvement in the decision making process. Learning is greater and more accepted when the mentees have some "say" in the process.

9) Assess your skills and abilities so that you can do the things that you do best with the mentee. Your enthusiasm for a hobby or project is attracting.

10) When you are with a mentee, give your full-undivided attention to the mentee. You should be looking for ways to trigger their "hot buttons" to tap into potential. Be ready to support positive problem solving skills.

11) Talk through strategies with your mentees for recognizing, handling and overcoming barriers. Turn negative experiences into positive productive learning situations.

12) Winning should be associated with their future career connections.

Focus on incorporating these 12 steps into your daily routine when mentoring troubled teens. And, soon you will find yourself at the center of a new positive world for many, many former troubled teens.

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About the Author

Therlon Harris developed Motivational Mentoring 101, a brand new, highly specialized workbook that guides mentors into being highly effective role models when mentoring troubled teens. Therlon is a former teacher of incarcerated adolescent male offenders. His leadership and 30 years of experience has allowed him to "stay on the cutting edge" of practices in education, business and community.

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