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Law Of Attraction: The Missing Links.

Dec 5th 2010 at 1:39 PM

So, you've watched The Secret and connected with the message of the film. You’ve got your vision board drawn up, you’re imagining your perfect life, saying positive affirmations and you may even be able to finally put your foot behind your head into that latest Yoga pose. But you still don't have the house, the car, the boat, relationship or happiness on which you’ve been sooooo laser focused. What happened??

Before writing off the Law of Attraction as just another fad and slipping back into yester’You, please remember that the Laws of the Universe are real, they’re exact and they are always at work in our lives, regardless of our belief level. Being a magnet for all that we want is our natural state, but we are exposed to negative and limiting beliefs from childhood (and most times) waaaay into adulthood. So, what we are doing now is simply getting back to that natural state.

It’s Important to understand that the movie The Secret was an amazing introduction of the Law of Attraction being at work in our lives, although simply an overview. “Ask, Believe, Receive” is the premise, but in order to activate manifestation in your life, there are some critical steps or pieces of the process that are all too often missed.

Here are some critical links to manifesting all you desire:

1. Do Not Focus on Money.
When deciding what it is that you want to manifest, do not focus on money. Money is simply the “How” in bringing  things, places, people and activities into your existence. The “How” is the job of the Universe. Your job is to simply focus on what makes you happy and not be concerned with how it will come to fruition. Instead turn your focus on what that money will bring about in your life and what the result of it will mean to you.
Start with a list of activities (as opposed to material items) that bring you the truest sense of joy. It doesn’t matter if it’s cooking, sailing or alligator wrestling. If it makes you happy, focus on it! (*and please do not to think of these activities in terms of “a means to and end”). Simply place your focus on the feelings of joy and happiness that these activities bring to you. And more importantly, start doing them! Go,... start living now! Start perpetuating those feelings of happiness and the universe will undoubtedly bring more things for you to be joyful about. If you are in a mindset of “I’ll be happy when...”, you will always be chasing your dreams, my friend. They key is to feel joy right now and feel as if you have your new life now, and you will manifest all that you want.

Tip: Write out your perfect day or your ideal life. Write as though you already have it. Be as detailed as possible and be clear.
Why write it down? Because the power of writing things down magnifies it’s frequency and will continue to attract it long after it’s written.

2. Unwavering Belief.
Do you believe that you will have the life that you want? I mean, do you really believe it? Or does a knot form in your stomach when you think about that big house on the hill or that luxury car or just having the freedom to do as you please? This is one of the hardest parts about manifesting what you want, it’s human nature to lose faith in what you cannot see in your immediate situation.
Now, let me ask, if you ordered an item from your favorite online retailer or catalogue, would you go right back and re-order the same item over and over? Of course not. You would just know that your order was on it’s way. You would be expecting it. This is how we need to think of the law of attraction. Unwavering belief is a must in manifesting what you want in your life. If you have doubt, that doubt will push what you want to attract in the opposite direction; away from you.
So, how DO we stay in a state of belief and kick those thoughts of doubt to the curb? This bring us to number 3.

3. Daily Release of Resistance (affirmations are not enough).
What if you could release all of the negativity and limiting beliefs that you’ve built up over the years and be in perfect resonance with what you want to manifest in your life? You may be thinking, “well, if I could just get rid of those negative feelings, I would have done it already!” Or “You can’t just get rid of your feelings, they’re a part of you” and therein lies the problem. We have been taught that our feelings are “a part of who we are and there is no way for us to separate ourselves from them”. This is simply untrue.
Good news. There are methods to get rid of those feelings of doubt and limitations for good and get yourself into a state of unwavering belief.
First, we have to change the way we think about our feelings.
Pick up a pencil and squeeze it as tight as you can for about 5 minutes or so. At first there’s a distinction between you and the pencil. But, after the first couple of minutes the pencil begins to feel like a part of you and there is no distinction. This is how we need to think about our feelings. We believe they are a part of us, instead we need to understand that our feelings are a separate entity that we can just ...let go. Case and point, most of us will say, “I AM angry” instead of “I FEEL angry”. But once you begin to realize that your feelings are separate from you, you can begin to rid yourself of the feelings that you don’t want and keep the ones that you do.
There are two methods that both work magnificently well and you can decide which works best for you. I personally use a combination of both.
The first is called EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique. This consists of repeating a positive affirmation to yourself while tapping on your meridians (or energy points). By doing this in a sequence, you “unblock” your energy points and it allows you to get rid of the feelings that you don’t want. I know, it sounds a little bit “out there” but trust me, it’s a well respected and scientifically proven process. For example, if you want to get rid of your negative thoughts about money, you simply repeat to yourself “Even though I have this (place your negative thought or belief here) , I deeply and completely accept myself”, while tapping on your energy points and you will be able to release that emotion. People have used this for stage fright, PTSD, phobias and any other limiting belief that you can think of. Full instructions for this technique can be found by clicking one of the links below.

The second technique is a little bit more simplistic, but just as effective. It’s called the Sedona Method. It’s a series of questions that you ask yourself, the very moment that you’re having a limiting belief or a sense of doubt. Now, I know that we have all been taught that when we are having those negative feelings, we should try to ignore them and try to put a positive feeling over top of it. That simply won’t work. That feeling is still there, sure to resurface. Affirmations or simply putting the limiting belief out of your mind may give you temporary relief, but the key is to rid yourself of them completely. So, the next time you’re having a negative or limiting feeling, let it come in it’s entirety. You can then apply the Sedona Method. The Sedona method is, at its basic level, a series of questions that you ask yourself in the moment of resistance and answering them as honestly as possible.
Ask yourself:
“Can I let this feeling enter this moment completely?”
“Can I let this feeling go?”
“Will I let this feeling go?” (are you willing?)
“When?” (an invitation to let it go now)
This method goes much deeper and I’m not able to go into detail here, but some people have experienced miraculous results just by using those four questions.
What I really wanted to impress here is the importance of releasing those emotions and limiting beliefs. If you don’t get rid of those feelings completely, it will defer your manifestation and you will not be in resonance with what you want. Even if you manage to accomplish what you want, your frequency of doubt and negativity will simply repel what you’ve accomplished. That’s why at times we make headway just to fall back to where we first started...or worse. I strongly encourage you to learn more about these methods and apply them every single day as soon as a limiting belief gets stirred up. It may take a few tries depending on how ingrained that feeling is. But if you persist, it will become easier and you will find yourself releasing negative emotions without even having to think about it. I know, this has been a very long section but it is a crucial step in achieving your goals that many people ignore or have no idea exist. The bottom line is, they work and will turn your manifesting around.

4. Meditation.
Do you ever feel as if your mind “has a mind of it’s own”? Like your thoughts have thoughts? Then you need to meditate! A teacher of the law of attraction once said that prayer was “the asking” while meditation was “the listening”. I found that to be quite profound, because I believe a great deal of us ask, but forget to listen for the answer.
Also understand that every teacher of the law of attraction practices meditation on a daily basis.  Meditation puts you in control of your thoughts. It trains you to quiet your mind and be at peace within yourself. When you start to feel overwhelmed, having the ability to consistently steer your thoughts to a more positive place, could mean the difference between manifesting what you want and always chasing a dream. I suggest meditating daily; even if it’s just for a few minutes. At first, this may be a challenge, but it will get easier over time and the benefits are life changing.

5. Trusting Your Guidance System and Taking Inspired Action.
How many times have you second guessed yourself and later exclaimed “I knew I should have....” and something you wanted or were trying to accomplish escaped you because you didn’t listen to your instincts. This is a place that everyone has found themselves at some point in time. However, some people never quite learn how to listen to their instincts.
As I have come to understand it, that “instinct” is your guidance system. It’s that place in your solar plexus where you feel the absolute deepest and it’s there for a reason. It’s your indicator and your “umbilical cord” to the Universal power. It will never steer you wrong, so it’s important to learn to listen to it and trust it.
It’s also important to understand the difference between “work” and “inspired action”.
The most important difference is that inspired action will not feel like work at all, it will just be like a light has been turned on and you will WANT to do it. The simplest way that I can describe it is this: Inspired action is you preparing and getting yourself closer to receiving what you truly want. Work is you trying to intervene because you don’t believe that what you want can be accomplished without you “doing something” to get you there. Again, don’t worry about the “How”. That’s the job of the Universe. You just focus on what it is that you want and keep doing what makes you feel good.

6. Acting “As If”.
This is my absolute favorite part of the Law of Attraction! This is the part where you get things ready to receive what you want. We’ve already covered unwavering belief, releasing resistance and not worrying about the “How”. Now we can get into the “action” that will bring you closer to getting what you want.
When I first realized the power of “acting as if”, I cleared out all of the old, worn out things around the house that needed replacing, because there I was telling the Universe that “I want a new this and I want a new that”, but I failed to make room for them. I was holding on to my old stuff and subconsciously releasing a feeling of “lack”. That feeling of “I can’t get rid of this because I don’t know how I will get another”, was keeping me out of alignment with what I wanted and needed.
Once I cleaned house, new items started to manifest from everywhere. Sometimes two at a time! It’s not enough to think. You must follow through with actions and they must match the frequency of what you’re trying to attract. So, look at what message your actions are sending to the universe and make sure you’re acting as if you are “expecting” to get whatever it is that you have asked for and it will manifest itself to fill the space that you’ve created.

This concludes part I of LOA : The Missing Links. Keep your eyes peeled for part II (where it really gets interesting). In the meantime, all great things, my friends. Links to release techniques and related manifesting tools! Boundless Living: Mind Movies:
Sedona Method:

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