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Jr. High Sports Play Getting Panned By Sports Columnist(s)

Nov 17th 2010 at 9:57 PM

Sports columnist Frank Deford came out strong against the little trick play that a middle school football team ran last week that has been making the You Tube rounds and every other kind of viral media rounds possible.  As most persuasive arguments go, Deford’s is rather typical.  If you know how to argue persuasively and you have some training and knowledge in the field, one of the best methods to get your point across is to compare apples and oranges.  In a sense, this is exactly what Deford does.  He compares these middle school kids to pro athletes who cheat, defraud and otherwise try to gain every possible advantage they can, to this scenario.    He states that “

“No, it was only the other team’s kids who were embarrassed and belittled by a children’s coach being a wise guy, a bully of sorts”
You can read his whole article here.

I don’t know if this guy was a paid coach or not, but I highly doubt it.  He was probably that which tends to permeate the landscape at this level of competition (one of the player’s parents who was probably taking off from work, or having to work extra in order to coach these kids in the first place).  That may be completely wrong, but I would bet not.
Were the other kids belittled and bullied?  If the media et al didn’t continue to make a spotlight out of it, I would venture a guess, most have likely forgotten it, or at least, moved to the next practice in preparation for the next team.
Mr. Deford is heading down a path that is very winding at best.  Should we be talking about the fact that there is too much emphasis on winning?  Should we be talking about the fact that “outside of the box” thinking is what all walks of business and government are preaching these days for numerous reasons, not the least of which is a recession?  As a culture we have always tended to reward those who do differently and think outside the box.  Why did this clip get so much air time?  I did, in my apparently insensitive, uneducated bias laugh out loud when I saw this.  Was I laughing at the defense?  No.  Was I laughing at the KIDS playing on that defensive side of the ball?  Absolutely not.  If we want to talk about morality and ethics in sports, especially Jr. High sports, we better be prepared to get into why kids this age are killing, robbing and raping.  If that is where Mr. Deford is heading here, I wish him the best of luck, but do warn it will probably take a bit more than a few hundred words on a computer screen to address and/or fix.
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Nov 22nd 2010 at 8:31 PM by onequartlow
Thank-you Brenda. You nail an important point that I somewhat tongue-in-cheek suggested. You are correct. Mr. Deford would not be the moderator of said discussion. Thanks for reading and the comment. Much appreciated.
Nov 22nd 2010 at 8:14 PM by bjfoot
I really like this article! I laughed when I saw the play, but much for the same reasons as you. The kids probably worked it out on there own. It's the adults that stir the fire when it comes to teen sports. I've done some coaching and the kids never gave me problems... It was always the parents/adults... Deford is being judgemental, but he gets paid to be a jerk! I think we do need the discussion about why kids are killing, raping, cutting, robbing etc... But, I wouldn't let Deford head the discussion.

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