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Jan 17th 2011 at 12:42 AM

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My personal record of discovery and self expression.

The new and improved version!

A new year is underway,resolutions have been made, goals and plans for successes and achievements have been written. Yup; Another year I'll never fufill exactly what I've tried to convince myself I will...BACK UP!  As from 22/01/2011 things amazingly changed!


Because I am NO longer a procrastinator. I am NO longer lazy.I am NO longer lazy minded. I NO longer lack "drive", passion,motivation positivity and most of all, stickability.

I HAVE changed..using 2 methods that made me change!

"Being honest to oneself, not lying to oneself, that my friend, is very hard to do."

- Bruce Lee, The Lost Interviews.

After many years of surfing the internet,downloading and eagerly listening and trying hard to absorb all I hear from the famous self help "gurus" of the day, I have found a better way to achieve  all I set myself.

This year I will achieve all the goals,plans,and dreams I have set myself.

Because I  discovered a better approach.That IS getting  me exactly the results I want - delivering what it promises in a shorter time with lasting results!

* Losing weight, not through a set diet, but through a simple change in eating habits!

* exercising more without doing boring,way too advanced beginners level techniques

( that would fell a horse!).

I discovered that doing pointless,fairy like exercises, made me fatter instead of thinner,and I was simply throwing  money away on gym fees, by never going!

But now, I do 1 exercise only 80 seconds long and get better results quicker, than if I'd spent hours,months and years doing it in a gym!

* Becomi ng successful,financially free & secure through my web business online.

(a tough one!)

I made my first EVER sale - 22/01/20011 online, via the IM business I am in - to my Clickbank account!

By Setting up a business where I am NOT involved and using outsourcing and Leveraging.Still working on this concept as I need real capital to start!

"If you're the cog in the wheel, you'll soon become the clog in the wheel." - Jim Rohn

* Non dependant on state/government for handouts, support

(an even tougher one! But working on it!)

* Non controlled via subtle manipulation techniques, fear, guilt,fear of the afterlife,media,and family and friends. By state or religiion.

(Wow this is the toughest yet! But working on it!).

As church members/friends tend to want to control you , not for the religion, but  mostly for their own egos.Is there a secret reward system or medal handouts being offered, I don't know about?

Oh oh...I missed a Sunday session...here comes the Church Police!

Going to check out another this coming Sunday, with a friend!

My family made me  a rebel, so I don't want to conform, therefore I rebel! I refuse to be tamed AND caged!

Yet I am NOT A S.O.B! I have respect and great morals. I thank my family for giving me that.I thank my mother for putting me on a change of diet, and for the last 2 years saying all will get better and come right,wait and see!

Tha Tha that's all folks!

I am a truth seeker...so I endlessly, sometimes up to 8 hours a day...

(I have a fantasy I'm the " Bruce Lee" of Chrisitianity!)

researching and studying dilligently. As I want to be on the right side of God! Avoiding that sudden trapdoor that he opens,sending me plummeting downward if I've accepted and believed the wrong doctrines.

AAAAAAaaahhhhhhhh! Splush! Burny burny hot hot!

* Realizing that we are ALL being spoon fed lies in all things,in all fields, especially where money is involved.Sadly by those we wholly entrust, even members of our own families.

Check out some of the Michael Moore and David Icke conspiracy videos. Don't simply take their word for it, test their theories are true, by researching and studying all they claim.

ALL I set myself, I WILL obtain, in a shorter time frame..With greater results! And I am!

But How?

Because over the last 5 years I have set numerous goals utilizing as many self help programs techniques as I could, in numerous fields, and ....Only made $US5 even though I am part of untold  IM MLM buinesses and traffic exchanges online,via paypal and had that account suspended for various unbelievable reasons!

I made my first EVER sale - 22/01/20011 online, via the IM business I am in - to my Clickbank account!


And only 1 , no...make that 3... out of countless 1oo's... of self help "gurus" so far have worked for me! As they have totally stripped away the BS!

I simply read these 2 books and I amassed amazing successes in a week; tops! NO Bull!

Now you can have REAL success in your life too!


"Those who live it, know it!" - Jim Rohn.

NB: "The "story of YOUR life" is written by YOU. YOU are the author.There is NO reason therefore, for you to view the drama and be trapped by it. The power to change your own condition is your own. YOU only have to exercise it." - Seth speaks by Jane Roberts.

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