It is all with you, ladies – not all are gentleman

Jul 1st 2010 at 6:19 PM

 It is all with you, ladies – not all are gentleman 

Fairness has always been understood, being beauty in woman that created by God. Blasphemy on gents, gene is again a shorten form gentleman whose secretion alone not the part of genetic industry of producing population at ovulation. All it, but men take just a fraction of a minute to introduce and induce a woman on her looks and whether she will be a potential partner or not, is for her to continue the pros and cons of child-bearing.


The words ‘gene’ ‘generation’ forming base phonetic sounds of ‘gents’ ‘gentleman’ in a male chauvinist world, when woman take all the pains of the carrying, caring, curing in child’s life career. Men only when they weigh up as potential partners not based on their appearance because their preference for attractive mates demandingly leads them to claim for the pennies. In other words woman go prey to deluxe and delude in man.  

If a man take a woman with an attractive face and the other man who is also interested to the same woman, then the settle is in shuttle for that woman’s fragile to be or not to be able to maintain the family line, which appease to the unfortunate man's survival instinct to console in search of other apt woman.  

Where in, women take longer to decide with family and friends on their feelings and issues to relate for a man because they need to weigh up whether he will be a committed partner who will provide all for them in persistently well and form part of their survival programming.

Thus the Summary of the above:   MOBILE TRAFFIC
Gene is a derivative and forms of male oriented words from gents, gentleman.
Female by nature blessed to forbearing the earth in passionate motherhoods.
Money-powered man can make his choice fairly on fairness in woman willing.
Women always look to safe shores in man who buys them stores in several.

The Comprehension is:  NICHE BLUEPRINT

Take precedence in equality to empower you ladies and lease the entertainment set at lost to male lusts. Why girls overt the spree to let a man flee once the fuelling is over?

Males in certain are safe at dames, and dance to dart in concentration signs to send-up prompts for facial beauty – is it not so the men are one-dimensional in seductions?

Yet witting or willing, how many ladies attract men to have a second house and lead a living in secrecy to discriminate the society at large and mess up the families treacherously.

To blame this world a male dominant, I decree, perhaps, SHE can be a matter or subject but the spirit is lacking in woman-unison apply limits to lure her bodice and beyond. ENDLESS

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