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Is it Time for a New Career?

Dec 11th 2015 at 7:35 AM

There are many decisions in life that just have to be made. Sometimes those decisions will be about your professional life. There is no bigger change than switching the career. If you are not satisfied at your current workplaces chances are you are ready to start doing something else. But how to know if you should actually do it? Be sure to keep reading and check if you are at a position where a career switch is simply the best option. In addition, a couple of career ideas may just be what you need.

Your body is telling you it is enough

If you are not happy at your current job your body will definitely give you some signs. Do you sometimes feel “the Sunday-night dread”? If you do, this is one of the signs. Your body knows it is Monday tomorrow and how hard you will have to work. People who are not satisfied with their careers tend to feel much more exhausted before the week starts. They also find it much harder to concentrate. In addition to that, trouble with migraines and tension in muscles are other ways for your body to tell you it has had enough. All of this means that your current job is not good for you and that it is the time for a change.

You are only there for money

In order to be happy your heart has to be in your job. If you are there only because of money, chances are you are going to feel miserable. Having enough money is great of course, but if it means that you have to be unhappy every day it is not going to do you any good. Think about it like this. Even if you get those beautiful shoes you always wanted, you are still going to walk into the office you don’t like every single day. A great way to check if you really do feel like this is to think about your friends’ jobs. If you feel envious of your friends who are paid less but love their jobs, you know what you have to do. Quit that job and find something that will make you happy.

Finding the new career

If you know you want to switch careers but have absolutely no idea about what else would you like to do. This can leave you jobless for months. So before you leave your current position, make sure you at least know what career you will be pursuing from now on. If you are artistic, why not follow your dreams? Start painting or recording music and see how it goes. On the other hand if you are looking for a steady job with regular payment, a career in financial planning may just be what you need. In fact, according to one survey, 88% of the financial advisors asked, said they worked in a different profession first. So if you live in Australia, sign up for rg146 courses and get ready to start a career in financial services industry.


Do not feel desperate if you are thinking about a career change. It is never too late to find something you will enjoy doing. We say go for it, stay enthusiastic and find a job that will make you happy.

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