Is Android Development Tough? Here’s the Truth!

Jun 3rd 2015 at 2:11 AM

Is Android development tough? Is building mobile apps a long-winded affair prone with trials and tribulations? This is often a burning question in the minds of aspiring mobile app developers. Their questions remain unanswered and often dissuade them from pursuing their passions. So what goes into developing apps for mobiles? Is it hard, tough, requires a lot of brainwork?

Mobile app development is not difficult; it is time consuming

There are many aspects that go into the design, development, testing, deployment and maintenance of an app.

· Plan – This is the process to decide what to put in the app. Once this is clear, there is no ambiguity. Audience analysis lets the developer decide upon the type of user navigation to develop. Choosing supported platforms at the outset is a good idea. Design brainstorming is done during this stage and not during development! It includes prototyping and design refinements.

· Develop – Apply object oriented programming concepts. Develop UI using Ux fundamentals.

· Testing – Test with a combination of hardware and configuration.

· Administrative - Get the app registered at app stores. The process varies for a gaming app versus an app that uses a remote server.

Therefore building an app is indeed time consuming. Someone with Android development training under their belt have the best practices and proven methodologies to use. Someone who does not have professional training has to resort to trial and error – which is a bad idea.

Developing apps for different contexts

Nowadays, people want to use apps on different types of personal handheld devices. It could be mobile phone, phablet, tablet or any other portable digital device. In this case, the challenge is to create apps for different types of devices. The future also belongs to creating apps for people with different kinds of abilities – from the weak sighted to short of hearing. So there is definitely an evolution that is happening and mobile app developers are amongst the first to be the agents of change!

6 qualities of a development professional that companies want

· Companies may want Android app developers with a proven track record, but they are ready to give freshers a chance. So the novice developers can start developing some apps on their own.

· Familiarity with past, present and emerging technologies.

· Experience or aptitude in making apps for various platforms. This is called ‘platform-awareness’.

· Higher priority for user experience rather than developer experience! Like in the sales world it is customer is king, likewise in the Android development app world it is user is king!

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