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How to really beat procrastination

Oct 2nd 2012 at 9:34 PM

For Woodie@chathour(weirdtown chat)as suggested by 6 7 from McSquare.

Beat procrastination with a method that really works!
Bought to you by the biggest procrastinator on this planet!

Download "REWIRE YOUR BRAIN" from piratebay.org .
As I don't know if you can get/buy a copy of it from amazon etc.

You must first,rewire your brain,by creating daily "must do's" which in turn become habits,
which in turn you'll do automatically,
without prior or conscious thought every day without fail.

And over time,you'll no longer need to write down this method in a journal or

Every morning,every day, I do the following:

Wakeup/Get up
Go to the bathroom
Relieve myself first, (as that's what Males do!)
Wash my hands and face,then dry off
brush my teeth
Rinse my mouth out with mouth rinse
Put on deodorants
Put hair wax or gel in my hair

Then; I go back to my room and do:
Mike Litman's "6 things I must do every day."

Download Mike Litmans 13 free mp3s online - Unleash your Greatness held Hostage."
First listen to the audio,and then use the most important method,
"6 things you must do every day."
Creating a daily "must do" list like mine,in a hardcover journal or diary,
with date and year added.

I do the following:

1) Affirmations- from Napoleon Hill's "Your right to be rich" audio.

2) Dan Insantos Tension releasers- from John Little's "The art of self expression".

3) Hyperdine Isometric exercise.A series of 6 sec hold isometric exercises that
take about 20 minutes to complete.

4) Og Mandino's "The greatest secret in the world" - Scroll 1 month 1.Read 1.
rids you of bad habits,and creates,new good ones that help you succeed.

5)Aerobics exercise like Tony Little
Zumba etc
or others from my vast video cassette or CD collection.

6) Open.

As things pop up out of the blue at the most unexpected times,
like the paying of bills,phoning friends,tasks needed doing around the home etc.

Then I have breakfast. A healthy not too heavy one.
The rest of the day may consist of working on my business online,
martial arts,study,religious or other wise.

I have a bad habit/addiction to coffee/milk/sugar,so I listen to

Paul McKenna's "I can make you thin" audio.With headphones on.
This works really well,if you listen to it on a daily basis.

Lunch then Og Mandino's "greatest secret "
scroll,1 month 1,read 2.

Before I retire at night,I repeat my Affirmations and Og Mandino's "greatest secret "
scroll,1 month 1,reading 3.

I listen to Paul McKenna's "Sleep like a Log"audio,with headphones on,
which gives me a deeper,more relaxed sleep,
so I will wake up excited and fresh, the next morning
Free tip:If you really want to budget without forking out money to a budgeting sevice,
saving you money...

Save money using the best method ever,
by downloading the automatic millionaire (and workbook)
or buy it from amazon.com.

Yahuwah Bless and live long and prosper!


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