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John Jude O'Callaghan | bizopps4u

"How to Overcome Procrastination and Get More Done In Less Time"

Feb 5th 2011 at 11:02 AM

“Discover How to Overcome Procrastination, Get More Done in Less Time and Immediately Change Your Whole Life for the Better”


By John Jude O’Callaghan


After thinking about the universal problem of how to get more done in less time, in 1955, British economist Cyril Northcote Parkinson, formulated a Universal Law that gets to the root of the problem:


Work Expands to Fill the Time Available For Its Completion


The moment I heard his explanation I knew it was true. 


At that time I was working in a British engineering factory where you got paid by the number of hours you worked. I clocked in at 7.30 AM and clocked out at 5.30 PM.


If it was 3.30 PM on a Friday afternoon and I knew I could finish the job in hand by 4.30 PM, instead of starting a new job and working on it until 5.30 PM, I invariable took two hours to complete the job I could normally finish in one hour.


I simply dragged the work out to fill the time available!


For Example:

If one of your goals is to write a novel about all the interesting people you have met and all the interesting things you have done so far, and you don’t impose a deadline, how long do you think it might take you to finish your novel?


Since you are under no pressure and have no self-imposed deadline, the strong likelihood is that you will never get around to finishing it, and that you will most likely die with your great story unfinished, untold and unpublished.


And, not only will you be poorer; the world will also be a poorer place because of it!


But what if, instead of always intending to finish your novel one day, you were to write a 7-page chapter in one week, plus a synopsis of what the rest of your novel was about, and sent it to a likely publisher.  


What if the publisher loved it and sent you a contract with a deadline for completion and an offer of a $20,000 advance toward Royalty payments. Do you think that might encourage you to finish your novel PDQ?


Even if you don’t aspire to write a book, no doubt there are at least lots of other things you intend doing, one day, when you can find the time.


But, what if, instead of giving yourself a long list of things to do, you were to make it just “3-Things to Do Today” and numbered them in critical order of importance? And, you determined to finish task #1 before moving on to the next?


The likelihood is that most of the things that didn’t get done were not that important anyway.


Or, if they were important, maybe you could outsource them, meaning, pay someone $10 an hour to do them for you?


The Quick and Easy Way to Overcome Indecision


Use the proven Benjamin Franklin Method:


·       Start with a blank sheet of notepaper and draw a straight line down the middle.

·       Put a heading at one side FOR and a heading AGAINST at the other side.

·       List the entire pro’s and con’s as appropriate.

·       Give each entry a numerical value of one to three depending on how important you think it is.

·       Add the numbers in each category. If one side is an obvious winner, go with that.

·       If there is no clear winner, consider what you might lose by not making a decision.

·       And what if you do make a mistake? No big deal. At least you will have discovered something that does not work!

© Copyright 2100. John Jude O’Callaghan.



“We learn wisdom from failure much more than success. We often discover what will do, by finding out what will not do; and probably he who never made a mistake never made a discovery.”  Samuel Smiles.


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Feb 6th 2011 at 2:38 PM by GTBulmer
Hi, John: Great insight with excellent recommendations. I appreciate the stories about Parkinson and yourself, and I like how Ben Franklin dealt with decisions. GT :-)

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