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How to improve your reading skills

Oct 18th 2010 at 9:28 AM

According to one credible international survey, it is said that the world’s top 500 most powerful professionals have one thing common, that their reading speed is more than 500 words per minute. Excellent reading skills are a very a critical factor, for it is responsible for improving your learning ability.

Your ability to read fast gives you an edge over others. In this, the information age, being able to read rapidly, whether on the laptop or the printed page, will serve you well in your present school or business endeavors.

The most important factor about fast reading is that you should be clear in your objective. You should have knowledge of what information you are looking for in a text, books or documents before you start reading them. Let us consider the following situation:

Example: If you want only an outline of the total issue discussed in a text then you need to skim the document and only extract the essential facts out of it. If you want to get the detail in your mind then you read it slowly enough to catch the meaning by going through the important part and leaving out irrelevant details.

What is the reading ability of a common man?

The reading ability of the common man is not more than 130 words per minute. This is because most of us read word by word and silently pronounce these words. This is called Sub Vocalization. But if you want to increase your reading ability, you will have to give up this habit of Sub Vocalization.

First of all you should stop reading word by word and then pronouncing them silently. To enhance your reading skills instead of reading word by word look at group of words and then try to take out meaning from it. This is not easy, but if you continue to practice this art, you will master it in one day. Then you will be capable of reading a block of words instead of the individual word and if the meaning of any previous block is not clear to you then you can just go back to the previous block again.

In the case of skilled readers, they become habitual in reading block and many words in a block. Also the probability of repeating is less in case of skilled readers. Skilled readers also require only a fraction of second to go through a block.

The main guidelines to improve your reading skills are:

1) You should concentrate on the block of words rather than the single word and then try to cover many words in a block.
2) You should minimize the time spend in each block.
3) You should reduce frequency of moving your eyes backwards to cover the previous block.

We hope that this initial information will encourage you to improve in your personal reading skills and level of reading capabilities. I have doubled my reading skills in this area with practice. See what you can do with a little practice.

M. Dale

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