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How to Adjust In a New Country as a Student

Jun 19th 2014 at 4:01 AM

When have to leave your own country and stay in another one, it can seem to be exciting thing for a couple of days or months. However once you start settling in the new country the homesickness starts peeping in your life. It is not very unusual for students to feel home sick once they have actually started living in a new country for education. They were overwhelmed with the idea of going to a new country, obtaining education over there and making friends of different ethnic group, but with a slight failure or misdemeanor, everything can perish with a snap of finger.


When you are in middle of complete stranger for your postgraduate diploma in UK, there is always a slight fear of not being acceptable by people around you. In your class, in your dorm room and your work place, anything or everything seems to be against, if you start having this feeling. Even though people around you are joking to make you feel a little relaxed, you might feel mocked about it. While studying in a foreign country, a student has to adjust to the new surroundings, since you are going to be here for long time. Some of the tips to adjust in a new country as a student are:


Find out about their culture: if you are worried about not adjusting with them or might feel aloof in between them, try to find out about their culture and understand it. United Kingdom has a rich laid back culture where students are given a lot of importance. You can find out more about the country from the university counselor, education guidance counselor and from the British embassy for studying in United Kingdom.


Try to mix up: instead of staying aloof, try to mix up with the students who are actually trying to be your friend. You will notice them in your class while trying to talk to you or offering help. You can also ask your college counselor if anything can be done regarding this feeling.


Do not be offended: in case a person has said something to you in the college or in class, instead of being offended, try to understand the reason behind. If it is a friendly mockery, it is ok. If they are making fun of you with a racist mindset, contact counselor.


By following these tips, one case easily adjust to the new country without any fear or confusion. You will easily make new friends in the class for postgraduate diploma in UK, if you will try to open up to them and accept their friendship.


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