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How Much Time Students Spend on Facebook?

Nov 15th 2015 at 10:45 PM

A life of a modern student is surrounded by internet from all the sides. It has substituted books, classes, tutors and many other things. Using the World Wide Web during studying is quite a discussed and intricate topic. There are many advantages and disadvantages of this.

Using internet with the aim to find some information for writing and essay, report or dissertation is ok. It is really a great tool, which opened doors for modern students to easily access many things. But if to take various social networks, such as Facebook, they do not often contribute to good grades, even conversely. Unfortunately, students adore Facebook and spend countless hours there doing nothing, looking at photos and communicating through chat.

Facebook is everywhere: at home, classes, on streets, cafes – everywhere. One can’t live without it. A student can check every 5 minutes if there is some message on his page. Social media is really greatly integrated in the lives of modern people, including all the students. But it’s not really quite beneficial for the last group, because it can interfere with their educational process.


What Students Do On Facebook?

According to the data almost 75% of students treat positively all the social media in the process of studying. They prefer online work to traditional classes. If to take Facebook, it has both positive and negative sides for students. Most often they chat with each other using/exchanging pictures and funny messages. Secondly, students like to see all the photos and other posts on the pages of their friends. They are engaged in putting “likes” and comments. Many say that students have a life on Facebook, which they wish was real. This explains the fact why many spend so much time there. Many say that being registered on Facebook gives them a feeling of being closely connected to school and its community.


What Are the Negative Sides Of using Facebook?

It is believed that using Facebook and learning at the same time can significantly lower the grades. Students waste their time on various things, scrolling through the pages of friends or groups. Such an activity leads to less focus and concentration. You just postpone all your tasks and causes procrastination. You forget about your essays, reports, projects and start looking for something aimlessly. You stay up late and then realize that you haven’t prepared for classes. At this time you would like to find professional custom writing service . It is also proved that students, who use this social media, earn less money during holiday period. It‘s also believed that students who use Facebook quite often are more sad and depressed, than their friends, who spend less time being plugged in. All those sorrow status contribute to low mood and lack of motivation.

Health Problems

A number of researches showed that students who spend much time searching in the social media, including Facebook, have more chances of getting health problems. You are not moving enough and do not get adequate physical exercises. A sitting position negatively influences eyesight, back health, muscles, heart and many other organs. You become addicted to your Facebook page and start resembling a zombie.

Moreover, most of these users like eating in front of the screen, which is another one of negative aspects of using social media. A meal in front of your computer negatively influences the digestive system. It is proved that a person, who looks at a screen and eats at the same time, can eat 20% more than he would eat without any distractions.

Except the problems with eyes and your back, there are also various mental issues that could rise if too much time is spent online. Spending much time on Facebook can make you more dissatisfied. You can even face social anxiety. Devoting too much time to your page can turn you into a narcissistic person. Your friends profile can hurt your happiness. You may start comparing yourself with them, which can cause depression and frustration. It is also proved that Facebook addicts appear to be more negative. You start to believe in what is written in your groups or on the pages of your favorite profiles. This information becomes your truth. Try to balance your Facebook participation in order not to become the addict and slave.

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