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Do not try to bring truth in man, but able man to witness the truth.

How it is done...

Jun 16th 2011 at 5:29 AM

You can break the rules and get away with it....Eventually, the rules break you for not Respecting them............!!!
We all Know the major Rules!
What makes us Break them and place our own Growth, wellness and fortune at Greater risk?...
What can we do to Insure that the rules Will be followed to the letter...?
The first step is to Recognize the Error of our ways and what we are Thinking. Also be determined to Do something about It... That's the solution for those who are Willing to Work hard! And notice the word 'Work'..., that's what it takes to Reach your peak and Gain Wisdom, Insight and knowledge... Pessimism Never Won Any Battles.
Embrace the possibility to permanently Change your Behaviour and Correct your errors, Letting Go of False ideas and Thinking.
Rest asure that your 'Ego' will Fight you every inch of the way.., the battle is long and hard but Worth every ounce of sweat.
I'll Promise you that the Right approach of your thinking is to Understand the Beast Within and Recognize It, Understanding It for what It is and how Powerfull its grip is on Everything that We Do...We Are Our Own Worst Be Prepared for Everything...
Work, Don't think your're walking the Right path, Know You Do!
It's better to Gain Wisdom than Gold and Choose Insight over Silver...! Search For Truth! Do not Attempt to Attack a Just man's house, don't destroy his livingroom! Be Just! Strive for and Devote oneself to gain wisdom and structure your quality aimed life, learn and help others to keep Striving and Learning for personal Growth, Wisdom and Knowledge. Fear is a trap! have always Known that at Last you would Take This Road...,Only Yesterday You Didn't Know it was Today. Take the Wrong road and you Will find thornes and traps, Love your life and stay as far away as possible.
If you walk the right path even your enemies will come with peace offers. Do not bend left, do not bend right, only bend for evil. Don't be jalous otherwise your mind will enflame in rage and when you can, you'll get even, without a blink. Speak the Truth and Your Words Will Bring Healing, the words of a fool will be to you like stabbings in the back. The words of a just man will bring joy to you, the words of those who are not, will put down, will be rude and Always try to Unrest your hart and mind. A Trustfull Word Will hold Forever, a lie will not hold its form and change shape quickly, doubts will come to mind... Rest asure, the opposite side of doubt is sureness, focus your mind on thinking the Right thoughts. Be good. Seek wisdom. Trust! That will bring calmth to you mind spirit and soul.
The greatest warrior is one who conquers himself.
To find yourself you must lose yourself first.
Be true to youself and others!
Don't dwell on negative or destructive thoughts, focus on what makes you happy and what brings you calmth and fullfillment so that growth and wellness is all around you.

Good luck meditating!!

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