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How Can You Help Your Kid With Toddler Separation Anxiety?

Aug 19th 2014 at 12:15 PM
How Can You Help Your Kid With Toddler Separation Anxiety?

It cannot be so much easier for your kid if you are living your kid with the baby sitter or living him or her in the daycare. When you leave your kid away from you for the first time, you may feel much bad. The same or much worst feeling may be experienced by your kid. It is important for you to help your kid get out of this situation gradually so that your kid do not go through a sudden change and thus stuck by toddler separation anxiety. There are various things that you need to do for the purpose of making the kid acquainted with the new environment. Kids are used with spending the time with people whom they know well and they well so weird and uncomfortable when they are in the company of someone whom they do not know.

Try to Make Your Kid Comfortable with the Care Giver

It is important for the care giver to be more attached with your kid. Make sure that the caregiver comes to home in your presence and make your toddler comfortable with that individual. When the toddler knows the caregiver well then they get a sense of safety and better level of comfort. There are chances for the individuals to be much careful with the kids so that they feel comfortable and safe when they are in the company of someone with whom you are thinking about living her. Knowing the caregiver can help the kid to easily come through the situation if you are leaving your kid alone with the caregiver. Kids may protest when you leave but there are chances for the kid to be handled by the caregiver if they know them from before.

Make Your Kid Comfortable with New Situation

There are chances for you to make your kid comfortable with the new situation. Allow your kid to be more comfortable with the caregiver and try to make your kid engaged in doing things with the caregiver. This can help your kid in making better bonding with the caregiver.

Short Separations

It is good for you to start with smaller separations so that your kid can have practice of spending some time for better solution. There are chances for you to make your kid feel comfortable by making shorter separations in the beginning so that kid does not need to be of much importance. In the case of short absences, the toddlers can easily get chances to get acquainted with the caregiver and used to the way with the toddler.

Create Parting Routine

It is good for you to create a routine for parting. You should always leave her in the caregiver’s arms in the particular time regularly and tell her that you will be back by the particular time. This can make your kid feel comfortable and get used with the schedule. There are chances for your kid to feel uncomfortable in the beginning but he may get used and comfortable gradually with time. There is no need for you to make the time span of separation extended or cut short all in a sudden, make variations after a long time.

Leave Her with an Object

It is always good for you to leave your kid with the object along with which he or she is comfortable with. This can make her feel better when he or she is in company with the object that of yours so that she can feel really so good in your absence. Most of the kids find good with the scarf of their mothers or with the favourite toys of theirs.

Make the Kid Understand What is Happening

You should make your kid understand what is happening. Tell your kid that you are going to leave her in the company of the caregiver. It is not good to stop there but make her also understand the fun that she is going to have with her caregiver and the kids there in the day care.

Never Go Back to Your Crying Kid

There are chances for your kid to burst out in tears in the first days when you are living him or her with the caregiver. Make sure that you do not go back to her but make her understand and adapt to the situation so that she can gradually come out of the toddler separation anxiety.

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