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Apr 20th 2011 at 12:53 AM

How can one go from a complete loser to a success in a very short time?


Well, you could click on the above Banner! This is  a great and proven way!

Many have theories,systems,programs that they claim will work wonders, and many have some that are doomed to failure from the very start. Some use the mystical,the magical, even the bizarre.

After years of trying and failing miserably, I thought to hell with all these self help "gurus" and their methods that don't work for me! I decided to go deep,long and hard,and figure it out for myself.

And this is what I came up with...

I began to ask myself. Why am I the way I am? Is it fate, that I've been dealt bad luck, never to succeed at anything or everything? That God has written a blueprint on my hand,seen by those "in the know", which indicates little or no luck at all in anything in life? Or was it all in my head...

I read an amazing e-book and began to realize we are all "pre-programmed", "conditioned" since birth.

Some of the conditioning is essential, as it helps shape our moral,ethical character.It helps us distinguish between what's right and what's wrong, safe and extremely risky or dangerous. It prevents us from becoming another Richard Ramirez or Adolf Hitler.

But other forms of "conditioning", for those few wishing us to be their mindless "puppets",is not good. It seemed to me, that maybe, just maybe, these so called self help "gurus" maybe "programming" us, tuning us through or into their program, be it literature,audio,video,or other media, in order to say a few key-words to get us to obey their commands, MK Ultra style, at some later date...

Simply Sci-fi imaginings on my part? Maybe. Maybe not....

So I thought how can I "re-program" myself, to do and achieve all I dreamed of doing, all I set myself to achieve, without procrastinating,getting bored,seeing no results etc?

After several years of trying all the other methods and failing horridly, I had my moments of Eureka! (Thanks Og Mandino,Bob Proctor,Jim Rohn,Dr.Phil, and Charles S Simmons!)

I then knew....I first MUST know exactly what it is I wanted to do, or become!

Problem (with me!) was,what exactly was it I wanted to do? As there were at least 3 other things I wanted to do!

Then it dawned on me... I must discover what it was that I was truly passionate about...You see, being merely interested in something is not enough. What was it that kept me up nights, I lost sleep over, and could do over and over again, without getting bored or frustrated for hours on end?

I came up with 1 "major".

Computers,and the internet = downloading,trialing and testing all types of PC Protection and security software = creating a method = CREATING SOLUTIONS!?

And 3 "minors".


Martial Arts,exercise,fitness and nutrition.

And one (I realized later) Interest.Something I merely was dabbling in. Creating a 3D video game.

Too many options.Too much information for my average brain to absorb. My Brain  began to overload! I was pushing toward insanity through constant attempt and continuous failure! No matter how hard I tried!

So I began to think,and write down, the skills and talents I knew I really had - realism realizations -  and the skills and talents I did not have - realism of fantasy - in the fields of game making,exercise,fitness,Nutrition,and the Martial Arts.

I decided, then and there, I'd buy a journal and write down exactly what I did that day, and try to do it every day thereafter. Great for a few days, until I forgot to read a certain book on a daily routine, or got too lazy to get up, off the PC to exercise, or was hit by a negative, from a "wannabe" positive person!

I believe now, I was simply performing chores,using my set daily routine. And perhaps subconsciously, it became a bore.

Sometime later I read, an interesting e-book stating, that if you were placed in an extreme situation, like  the ancient caveman, and you must survive or die, your body  "adjusts", and you put on excess weight, FAT, to keep the body from starving. If you need to run great distances in order to catch your dinner, or flee hurriedly to avoid being dinner yourself, your body would gradually adjust. It would become leaner,fitter,stronger to fit that situation.

So your body rules, deciding what's best.

Some may say "No! no! no! it's your mind!"

But, remember the old saying -

"Train the body and the mind will follow?"

The mind, the subconscious,seems to be the major antagonist in our life movie. Maybe, just maybe,vice-versa. But I strongly believe it's the mind (the reactive,subconscious) that puts up the blocks,walls,so we don't succeed, through "conditioning" via different means.Different medians.Different people's reactions to us, through their thoughts,words and actions.

More later...

It will be interesting to see what the reactions to this article of thoughts, are...




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