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Healthy relationship boundaries

Sep 6th 2012 at 11:29 AM

One of the difficulties that arises in many marriages and long term relationships is not setting up healthy relationship boundaries. If one  or both parties are not certain off the boundaries in their relationship then they are heading for disaster. In order to achieve the best, happiest, healthy relationship both parties must abide by boundaries.

Many people grow up with boundaries in their early years and are familiar with them, there are others however that have to learn to live by them.

All relationships need healthy relationship boundaries, they are essential for happy, healthy marriage. The most important boundary in a marriage is the marital relationship itself. Keeping your partners confidences is essential.

Both partners must respect that things that are done and said between both of them must remain between both of them. If your spouse shares something with you they should be able to rely on you to keep the matter private, no matter how trivial they think it is. Keeping communications private is a fundamental foundation for trust.

You should also resist on discussing your marriage problems with your friends. Regularly talking about problems with your spouse to your friends will only undermine your relationship. And it can also generate bad feelings between your spouse and your friends.

Healthy relationship boundaries must exist to protect a married couples sex life. Way to often you find people discussing there sex lives with anyone that will listen to them. What goes on in the bedroom should stay in the bedroom.

Boundaries can also be violated if one partner solicits the help and opinions of others, it is never a good idea to bring a third party into something that you should work out together.

There needs to be boundaries set up to protect both partners individual boundaries. Even though you are married it is important that you both have your own personal space, privacy and possessions and these need to be respected by your partner.

Just because you are married does not mean that you don't exist as an individual. It is important that both partners learn the difference between “Mine,” “Yours,” and “Ours”.

Problems can also arise when other people do not respect your boundaries, this can cause big problems if you don't resolve the problem quickly. You may have a friend that spends more time at your house than their own or a meddlesome relative that is always digging for information about your private lives. In these cases it's important that you put on a unified front and correct the intrusions together.

As well as the issues we have discussed that are universal to most marriages healthy relationship boundaries need to exist for more personal issues. In cases such as: you or your partner may not be happy with to much physical contact from members of the opposite sex. You may feel hugs and kisses should be reserved for each other. There are many things that although they may seem trivial must be resolved, so both parties know where they stand.

Taking your partners feelings and needs into consideration is a key factor in resolving potential conflicts before they become serious problems within your relationship. Having healthy relationship boundaries in place is necessary for you and your spouse's well being and to maintain a healthy relationship. For more help with maintaining your relationship check out the advice at

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Sep 6th 2012 at 2:38 PM by GTBulmer
Hi, Sandie: wonderful article on the importance of healthy relationship boundaries. There are too many people these days who show little or no respect for others and that is where problems in a relationship begin. Your article explains what to watch for and how to deal with it very well. Thanks for posting. GT :-)

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