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Harnass Crowd Brain Power For Better Internet Marketing Community Results

Aug 5th 2010 at 7:05 AM

New Brain Power = Marshalling Crowd Brains or Neurons of The Crowd  building on Wikipedia's  voluntary contributions kernel to empower a smorgasbord of attractive "Challenges" see: www.innocentive.com website see: https://gw.innocentive.com/ar/challenge/browse

Looking at the innocentive category selections we see that they are all real world type problems e.g. food and agriculture, business & entrepreneurship, chemistry and so forth but all of them are geared towards innovation.

Nothing wrong with that but what we would like to do with Crowd Brains is to tackle the opportunity of massive wealth generation across borders via the power of  internet marketing "challenges" &  initiatives that require large amounts of computer input (filling in surveys, writing blog content, preparing documents) .... using ftp and cpanel,creating banners, graphics, software and oh yes, videos!

These "starter board apprenticeships" can be awarded to newbie apprentices, black, brown, African, any culture, origin, age or religion, stay at home moms, retirees, career changers and would be nerds based on desire. Internet connections and USD 30 PCs can be purchased for them via contributions by Frank Kern, Eben Pagan, Mark Joyner, Mile Filsaime,  Rich Schefren  and Joel Cohen plus alpha.  The internet marketing guru community gives back!

At first there is a steep learning curve but these apprentices learn to create valuable content which is then sold just like art is sold on zibbet See: www.zibbet.com)

The twist is: there is an equity kicker built in.  At the IM auction, im marketers can bid for pre rolled content and/or place orders for bespoke content in private 3d rooms.

All kinds of deals can be worked out,. It is a supplemental type of outsourcing option with quality control but it is Socially Responsible IM.

If a piece of tagged content is embedded successfully in an IM product or blog that brings cash flow the originator/creator could be entitled to a royalty fee for  a stipulated period. We need to determine product shelf life but I would guess 6 months to 9 months would be a good start because product turn over is o dynamic in the im space.

Well, I know this is a bit loony as it stands but it is my opening salvo.  

Making Im marketing a better place to be online

Empowered IM Outsourcing is not a communist plot to strip greed from the im community, rather it is a dose of NPR (National Public Radio) that will make our community more valuable and worth respect and attention to the world at large.


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