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Guide to Support Systems

May 29th 2012 at 12:30 PM





Support System... What do you see when you think about the word support system? Maybe you see underlying stricter that supports a large building... Maybe you see a load bearing beam under a bridge, meant to last for years supporting a large structure.  I see a spider web intricately woven together to help the spider catch food and move around.  However you see support systems, as a person with bi-polar, your support system should be integral to your daily life.        So let’s talks about how to make you support system do what it’s supposed to... Support you.

First, who should you have as your team? Well, you want to choose people you have known for a while. They will be more open and more likely to want to give you a hand to stay on track. They have probably seen you off track and would like to help to keep you on track. You also may want to include family members in your system.   Sometimes family can be your biggest support, sometimes they can be your biggest stumbling block… So it depends on your family. You be the judge for you. You also can include Doctors and clergy if you have a mind too. Your Dr. is a good person to know what’s going on with you but do expect that they will try to “upsell” if at all possible Dr.’s make a living  just like you. I know not all Dr.’s are like that and if you have a Dr. that cares you should hold on to them and not transfer until they retire. Clergy, that’s on you, if you want to or not. Again, the more people you have the less chance that you will slide back, someone will stop you or catch you.

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How do you ask someone to be in your support system? Well, I know it sounds scary and it’s so up front it is scary... Just ask them. You can say, “Hey you know I have Bi-polar, right? Well in dealing with that, sometimes I need a helping hand... Do you think you could give me a hand when you see I need it?” Now keep in mind that each person in you support system is not the same so what you need them to do will vary. If you have a friend that is awesome at cheering you up, you need that person when you feel down in the dumps; you need the friend or person who motivates you most on a day that you just can’t get started. Have one of those days that you just need your mom? Well, that’s right! You can enlist you mom too. You have to look thru your rolodex of bad day symptoms and match them with individuals who can benefit you most with that problem. My support system has stopped my downward spiral more times than I can count. You just have to be willing to be honest. Most people when asked to be in your support system will not turn you down. Be honest telling them the truth. You need help just like them just like everyone else.

I know this may seem complicated and tedious right now but you get this in motion and you will thank me later.

Now I have this system set up how do I use it? Now you wait… I know, all dressed up and nowhere to go. But you have to wait until… you guessed it! You start having symptoms you can’t deal with. So let’s say that today you are dealing with depression. (We’ve all been there right?) So for two days now you haven’t really been out of your house and your hygiene is lacking and your house is falling apart, so you think you might need some support to pull yourself out of this funk you’ve fallen into. This is how it works: you know that your friend “Gary” is the best Funk Fighter ever! So, you call him up, he comes over and you both together defeat the funk so you can be productive. Maybe you have panic and you need someone to talk you out of the closet, that’s what your support system is for.  Call someone on your list and deal with an issue, TOGETHER.

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Now you know the importance of a support system and why it’s so imperative to have one.  You have read who should be in your support system and how they can help you to overcome the many challenges of daily life with bi-polar. I hope that this has helped you in your daily life as well. If you have a topic suggestions feel free to leave me a message.



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