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Golden Principles of Happy Married Life

Sep 16th 2010 at 10:43 AM

Husband and wife are life partners. You enjoy your marital life when a couple understands basics of this relationship. Here are some tips that might help you to lead a happy marital life.

  1. Life routines do change when a new person enters in your life permanently, this you and your family must appreciate.

  2. Routines changes but don’t expect that you can change complete personality of your partner. It is a futile exercise and won’t pay except spoiling your relationship.

  3. Do not belittle each other. It will create distrust in your partner.

  4. Avoid to making lies.

  5. Don’t cheat.

  6. Avoid to making complaints all the time. It irritates your life partner.

  7. Pass on some nice and appreciating compliments that strengthen your marital relationship.

  8. Share your thoughts with each other. Even share your problems it will generate trust in your partner.

  9. Live according to your resources without making complaints.

  10. Give some space to your spouse. Sometime people like to be alone and like to go alone with friends and other members of the family.

  11. If one of you is more educated, don’t tell all the time that your partner’s education is less than you.

  12. Don’t show off your intelligence. Your partner knows it very well.

  13. Remember, small disagreements are part of life so don’t over react.

  14. If a partner is over reacting or in angry, it does not mean that you must use the same tone.

  15. Remember, sexual life cannot be as it was on the first year. This activity decreases with the time so accept it.  Apart from physical reasons, there are many social, financial and other pressures of life that affect this activity.

  16. This is a senseless argument whether you want a son or daughter because none of you can control or decide gender of the incoming baby. Accept gladly the gift that you have received from God.

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Sep 19th 2012 at 4:09 AM by mindconn
This is all common sense, unfortunately some people don't even have the sense they were born with LOL and I guess that's why sometime couples get on each others nerves, me personally I find the ways to a happy life is to stay on my own LOL.
Nov 9th 2010 at 12:59 PM by stephaniebeth
I'm not married, but most of this stuff just seems like common sense...
Sep 17th 2010 at 10:32 PM by cmsolution
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