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Hello everyone. My interest are Going to church first\' and reading the bible. Spending time with my wife and kids, watching my favorite tv shows such as, all the c.s.i shows, and any movies by clint eastwood, harrison ford, morgan freeman. I also love to listen to gospel music, easy listening jazz, and old school. I also love meeting new people on all the social sites, learning and finding new ways to network on the internet and meeting honest people with integrity, not scammers.
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Hi everyone' my name is earnest and i look forward to making many friends here!


May 31st 2011 at 8:42 PM

This is not my personal opion on Proposition 8 this is what the bible says about homsexuality. Being an African american’ i personally know what itslike to be discriminated agaisnt, so iam not trying to judge or offend anyone. I am writing this strictly on what the word of God says in the HOLY BIBLE. God says in LEVITICUS CHAPTER 20: VERSE 13–It says’ if a man lays with a man like he should with a woman, they have committed an abomination unto God’ and this is also true with a woman laying with a woman. Iam writing this out of love not hate! God is a god of order, not confusion. God first made Adam and then Eve and gave them authority over the Garden and Land and said” be fruitful and multiply. You cant bare children man to man or woman to woman, like i explained earlier’ God is a god of order, not confusion. Satan is the author of confusion” he hates God’s creation so much that he will use any lie and anything to lead Gods creation astray into the flame’s of Hell with him. So i write this out of GODS LOVE FOR YOU not out judgement or condemnation.  GOD CREATED US’ his word the HOLY BIBLE is his BLESSED WORDS  To guide us in Freedom and Blessings’ not  in Sin and Condemnation.

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Jun 7th 2011 at 11:32 PM by theghostwhotalks
Yes.In the modern versions like KJV, NWT,NIV,etc it may say that. But in the Aramaic it may prove different."Homosexuals(according to Leviticus,the effeminate) are detestable, an abomination to GOD.Likened to dogs.He still loves them,but not their sins they commit.So we should try to understand but not compromise,revealing them their errors of their ways,in order to win them over to Jesus THE Christ, and salvation, freedom from those bonds of Satan which bind them strong. How hard it must be for a Transgender to give up their evils,and come to the Lord as they once were,and still face the stares,prejudices,whispers,backstabbing,etc,within the church. I have an uncle who is a Bishop and he is facing wrath for holding a meeting to get a loan,from the state,talking down about homosexuals. Many women who attended were offended by his obvious hatred of the Gay communities within our cities, and the lack of the Members of Parliament to pull him up on the basis of discrimination. See for article..True religion or Christianity, is all about love.Love,Charity and Faith.

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