Get ERP Training in HANA and Be Welcomed with Open Arms by Thousands of Companies

Feb 3rd 2015 at 4:15 AM

ERP training in HANA is for those wishing to become HANA consultants. But many do not know much about this ERP solution, and this deters them to proceed further. HANA is an application platform, and also a database – an in-memory one. It performs faster than a database such as Oracle, which allows it to be leveraged by real-time business applications. With this solution, customers get the benefits of multiple application servers, operational data stores, datamarts and business intelligence software rolled into one – in the form of HANA.

Therefore, HANA is a progression of the regular database, an extended version of it, and to be specific - a reinvention of it. It has been built with constant efforts spanning over decades of research and development. Essentially, it allows the building of complex applications that cannot leverage traditional RDBMS.

What are the general activities of a HANA consultant bring about an organization impact?

Being an in-memory technology, the consultant leverages this solution to explore and analyze data pertaining to transactions and analytics. This data is processed in real time from any type of data source, which makes it a source-agnostic data access solution. Data across an organization is accessed and indexed and added to existing analytical models. Real-time analytical processing is initiated, which performs real-time analysis of business operations.

Even on the premise of the on-going business transaction, data is aggregated from multiple applications and data sources. The Persistent Data Repository of HANA is used for persisting views of business information, so that they can be re-instated in the case of a crash. Sometimes, data needs to be replicated, for which Replication Service is used for replicating data from ERP.

HANA needs to interface with Business Objects. So the consultant does this activity, where both solutions integrate for insight and analytics. If there is a requirement to interface HANA for third party application access, SQL and MDX interfaces are used for this purpose.

After ERP-HANA training, the consultant is skilled enough to leverage the consolidated information modeling and design environment to perform calculations based on detailed operational data that is accessed from the underlying database. There is a continuous ongoing exercise in simplifying existing models.

Why businesses use this solution?

The following is a snapshot of why businesses use this tool.

· HANA has a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Hardware renewal costs are low. It requires less maintenance.

· With this solution, a single data copy can be used across multiple applications.

· It is an advanced analytics solution, yet it is simple.

· In-memory is the technology of the future.

Why learn HANA?

The need for advanced business analytics, data processing, and real-time business processing is driving businesses around the world. So HANA consultants, administrators, technicians, developers, etc. are needed in exponential numbers, and that explains the need for ERP Training in this platform.

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