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Focus on What You Want

May 15th 2011 at 7:37 PM

This was forwarded to me through email several years ago. I want to put it here to remind me to have a picture of the result I want.

Sometimes my fear gets the better of me and so reading this would be helpful in not thinking about that fear, focus on the result, nodge me to the right direction and get to my goal.

Focus on What You Want

You are about to make a speech in front of two hundred people. You tell yourself, "Don't be nervous! Don't forget your lines! Don't embarrass yourself!" 

You get onstage and what happens? You screw it up! You even forget your wife's name!

Why does this happen when you told yourself NOT to be an idiot? 

It's because of the way our mind works. There is an important principle operating here - and it is rarely explained ...

Your mind operates on pictures. To do anything you need a picture. To touch your nose, you need a picture in your mind of your finger on your nose. With this correct picture, your subconscious mind can tell the muscles to do it. 

To give a confident speech, you need a picture in your head of you giving a confident speech before you even stand up. Only then can your mind instruct your body to act it out.

And here's the crunch - you cannot give your mind a message NOT to do something. Your subconscious mind must have a picture of WHAT YOU WANT.

So when you tell yourself, "Don't be nervous!" you necessarily fill your subconscious mind with pictures of you shaking and stammering - and that becomes your performance! It's the law of the mind.

What happens when you are on the golf course, at the water hazard, and you tell yourself, "DON'T HIT THE WATER!"?  Even though you tell yourself, "Don't hit the water!" your subconscious mind still has only one picture - of your ball taking a swim. And what you see in your mind is what you get. (Tiger Woods doesn't even see the water hazard!)

This explains why confidence is so critical in anything you do. When you are confident, you have only positive pictures in your mind - of a good speech, of a relaxed job interview, of a successful driving test, of a great piano recital.

When you are confident, you don't play disaster movies, you play success movies - so you regularly succeed. You're not perfect, but you always give yourself the best possible chance.

This is why positive thinking works! Positive thinkers have the habit of picturing what they want, not what they fear!

And what you think is what you get.


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